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Nothing in this world is permanent. People move on in their personal and professional life, and as they move on, they leave behind some colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. This could be a pleasant or an unpleasant fact, as each one of us departs from some group of people for personal or professional reasons. While departing, it is a custom that people bid farewell to the person who is leaving, and organize a farewell party for the person. People write farewell letters and address the same to the person who is leaving. This letter gives them a chance to express their experiences and feelings on the departure of the person. The person who is departing also writes a letter, thanking and expressing his/her thoughts on departure. Besides, this letter is a sign of professionalism or courtesy and allows you to depart from the organization, or from the people you know, on good terms. This section of sample letters thus focuses on farewell letters, which is one of the most common letters used in personal or professional life.

Writing a farewell letter:

As mentioned above, this letter is written in both, formal and informal situations. Thus, while writing this letter, one needs to keep the audiences of the letter in mind. In a formal farewell letter, one needs to limit the feelings expressed, and keep a control on the language of the letter. In an informal letter, one is free to write as and what he/she wishes.

While writing a formal letter such as farewell letter to a customer, boss, business associate, etc., one needs to follow the formal letter format. Thus, the letter should be -

  • Precise
  • Proper Salutation and addressed to a specific person
  • Abbreviations and nicknames are not acceptable
  • Mentions of some personal experiences (other than work) not acceptable
  • Font - Times New Roman or Arial and font size 12
  • The letter should be printed or typewritten

While writing an informal letter such as - farewell letter to a friend, relative, girlfriend or boyfriend, etc., one does not need to think about the format or the language of the letter. Besides, the letter could be handwritten, and use of nicknames, abbreviations, mentions of personal memories, etc., are allowed.

How to write a farewell letter?

You know what a send-off letter is, but you are still confused as to how this letter should be, such that it conveys exactly what you want to, and does not make you look rude or insensitive; then the succeeding paragraphs would answer your question.

  1. Keep a pleasing and friendly tone:

    The departure of a person might make you happy or sad. However, remember that it is a new beginning of someone's life, and thus the letter should have a positive tone. Be it a formal or informal letter, the letter should be written on a casual or friendly note.

  2. Appreciation:

    As mentioned above, the letter should have a positive tone, and what would be more pleasing and positive than a word of appreciation? Appreciate the person for his/her work, help, for the wonderful time you spent together, etc. The appreciation of the smallest of things, like being a lunch companion or an incredibly good co-worker, etc., will make him/her feel what the companionship meant to you.

  3. Be sincere in your approach:

    Write the letter sincerely. Plan what you wish to convey via the letter and then pen down everything correctly. The letter might make a huge difference to the relationship you share with the person. Thus, you need to write the letter sincerely.

  4. Include sweet memories:

    Share the pleasing memories and thoughts that would make the reader smile and cherish the wonderful moments. In formal letters, mentioning the incidents at work that made a difference to the organization and expressing the grief of losing an important asset is a good way of writing this letter.

  5. Exclude unpleasant memories:

    You might have had an unhealthy relationship with the person or the organization; however, while bidding farewell, do not mention such unpleasant or harsh moments. You write this letter to maintain a rapport and to depart on a good terms, thus speaking about unpleasant moments is not acceptable.

Thus, one must know to write formal or informal farewell letters. Reading the sample letters given in the links below, you can get a clear idea of how the letter is, and what makes a perfect farewell letter.

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