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A hardship letter is actually a plea letter to a bank or financial institution if there is difficulty in paying the loan borrowed from the bank due to hardship. A hardship letter must be written briefly describing the cause of hardship properly. Hardship letter is generally written so as to ask forgiveness for a temporary or permanent loan repayment. There are several causes for hardship which one can write in their letter which includes unemployment, illness or medical emergencies, reduced income, etc.

A hardship letter should be convincing so that the reader understands the severity of the problems and acts accordingly. A hardship letter must contain the details of hardship and the writer must give a brief description of his difficulties and problems. The letter is depressing but it should possess a positive tone that if forgiveness is provided it will be of some benefit. There should be no use of informal or colloquial terms and words. While writing for loan forgiveness the writer can suggest how a temporary deferment in loan payment will improve his situation and he/she will be able to continue to repay later when situation improves. Below is a sample hardship letter that will help writers in writing the proper hardship letter.

Sample Hardship Letter

Bill Jonas
22nd E Street, North Middle Town
Miami, Florida 23454 545

Philip Douglas
Manager, CMC Bank,
11th Perkins Lane, Downtown
Miami, Florida

Dear Mr. Douglas

I am writing this letter in order to make you aware of the unfortunate situations that I have been facing for the last three months which has resulted in my defaulting in the loan repayment.

I have taken a loan of 6 thousand dollars from your bank in 2011 for completing my post graduation study. I have repaid back 70 percent of my amount along with interest since 2003. But recently I faced some very unfavorable situations due to which my repayment has been hampered. I lost the job where I was working as the company in which I was employed shut down due to recession and profit crisis. Losing the job has created unwanted hardship in my family where I was the only earning member and paying for all the family expenses. I am trying to get a new job but due to recession it's getting very difficult to get one.

I therefore request you to allow me some time and provide me a deferment period so that I can improve my situation and get back on my feet. So please allow me some recovery period or else further repayment will cause more hardship and it will be really unbearable. I hope you will try to understand my situation and take step accordingly. Thank you for the time to consider my letter.

Yours sincerely

Bill Jonas


The above sample of hardship letter will surely help writers in writing the best hardship letter for loan forgiveness and will surely create an impact on the reader. The thing that writer must remember while writing the letter is to make it brief and to the point.

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