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A holiday letter is written by a person when he/she misses his/her family members or friends. It is one of the best means to remember your family or friends, whom you have not met since a long time. It is also a type of reminder to let your friends and family members remember you. So, this works best to keep you in the minds and hearts of your near and dear ones. Often people address their friends and family via mail, or through other networking sites. They are also one of the means to keep in touch with them, but as far as the letters are concerned, they are the best mode, when compared with the other methods. A holiday letter is more impressive, and stays close to your loved ones' hearts. Here, in the holiday letter you can write it individually, and if you don't have much time, write a same letter for all your friends and family. In that you just need to mention a personal note individually for each of your family members and friends, because this will make your holiday letter more impressive.

In a holiday letter, you need to write about your life when friends and family were not with you. You need to remember that you should not mention everything in detail. You need to be short and precise when you are writing a holiday letter to your family or friends. In the holiday letter, you need not mention everything that happened in your life in detail. You just need to mention the main events that occurred in your life when you were not there with your friends or family members. It is a way of informing your friends that what is going in your life and keeping them updated with that. You can share the sweet memories or events that are going on in your life.

Tips to write a Holiday Letter

There are some tips given below which will help you write a holiday letter:

Begin with warm and hearty greetings: A holiday letter is written with a personal feeling that you would like to share with your friends or relatives. The very first greeting of a letter matters a lot when a reader goes through it. It puts a positive impact on the reader when he/she sees the greeting. So, it's important that the greeting should be warm and hearty.

Check for your audience: When you are writing a holiday letter check who your audiences are. The tone of the letter should be according to the reader to whom you are writing. For example, when you are writing to your friend, you should make sure how close he/she is to you, and then decide the tone.

Same Letter for Everyone: While writing a holiday letter, avoid writing the same letter to everyone. You should have a unique letter for each of your relatives and friends. If you don't have much time, you can prepare a common letter for everyone, and write a different closing line for everyone that should seem to be personal.

Don't mention the lists of events: A holiday letter does not mean you should mention all your achievements. In such letters you need to mention how you spent time, when you were away from your relatives and friends. It's a type of informative letter, where you could share your life with your dear ones.

Use sweet language and tone: Try to use sweet language and tone when you are writing such types of letters. These types of letters are written with personal care, so avoid harsh words or language.

Go through it once before sending: Before sending the letter you should go through it once, to avoid any mistake. This will also help you to mention some points which you might have forgotten while writing.

So, while writing a cover letter, you need to handle it with care because it is very personal, and matters a lot. The tips and information given above will help you to write a good holiday letter, which would keep you close to your friends and relatives.

Below we have provided sample holiday letters for your review:

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