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Inquiry letters are written by a person, who wants to gain some information on a particular topic. Inquiry letters are of different types depending upon the inquiry and can be broadly divided into 2 types, formal and informal inquiry letters. Formal inquiry letters are written for official purposes and informal inquiry letters are written to a friend or family for a more personal form of inquiry.

While writing an inquiry letter, writers must keep a straight forward approach. More importance must be given to the fact you want to inquire about and you also need to state the reason for your inquiry. Official inquiry letters must be written as per official format and must follow an official tone. There are different types of official inquiry letters like interview inquiry letter, inquiry letter about a particular service or product, inquiry letter about a particular person or thing, etc.

Friendly inquiry letters on the other hand are more casual. They are written to friends or family inquiring about a particular thing. For instance, a person writing an inquiry letter to his friend inquiring about a particular place he wants to visit in the summer holidays, is a type of friendly inquiry letter. Friendly inquiry letters must not possess an official tone and writers can talk about other things as well while writing a friendly inquiry letter.

Inquiry letter writing is easy and with the knowledge and skills, writers can write effective enquiry letters. Below given are some useful tips which writers can use for writing a proper letter of inquiry.

Tips of writing an inquiry letter:

  • Writers who do not possess much proficiency in writing an inquiry letter must start with an online research. Online research helps in gathering more information as a lot of tips and suggestions along with samples are provided on the internet. Writers can look out for samples available online and get to know of the basic writing techniques of an inquiry letter.
  • Following a format is important while writing an inquiry letter. Following a proper format is essentially important when it comes to writing an official inquiry letter. Applicants can look out for samples online and check out the format style used in writing the letter.
  • Writers must be careful writing the addresses with proper dates. Dates must be aligned to the left of the letter document.
  • Writers can divide the body of the letter in to 3 parts or paragraphs. The first paragraph provides and introduction of the writer to the recipient. It also describes the purpose of the letter. The second paragraph must explain in further the purpose behind the writing of the letter.. The third part must be conclusive where the writer must be thankful to the reader for considering his letter.
  • Official inquiry letters must be brief and writers must try to keep the length of the letter short.
  • Writers must stick to the point and should not provide any unnecessary information in the letter that is irrelevant to the main subject of inquiry.
  • Official inquiry letters must possess an official tone. It should not sound informal or casual.
  • The text used in inquiry letters must be simple and easily understandable.
  • After writing is done, the writers must read the letter so as to reduce the chances of typo errors and grammatical mistakes.

We hope that by following the above tips applicants will surely help the writers in writing better inquiry letters that will definitely serve the purpose.

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