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Invitation letters are written for the purpose of inviting a person or a group of person to an occasion or event. There is not much difference between an invitation letter and an invitation card but unlike cards, letters of invitation are more expressive and give a detailed description of the event or the occasion for which the invitation is being made. They can be written officially as well as personally, depending on the situation and the person to whom it is being written to. A private invitation letter is written to persons who are close like friends and relatives in a personal event, where as an official invitation letter is written to office employees to an official event.

Writing an invitation letter is not a hard job and writers can write an invitation letter easily if they are aware of the format and guidelines that are required for writing such letters. Online researching will help in gaining access to the basic rules and writing technique of an invitation letter. Below given is the format structure that one should follow for framing their invitation letter.

Format of an invitation letter

The body of a letter of invitation can be divided into several parts. The first part is the art where the addresses are to be written. Address of the sender and the recipient is written at the top left corner of the letter respectively. Date must be provided in between the two addresses. After the address, comes the subject where the purpose of writing the letter is written. Subject is only to be written in case of official letters need not be written for personal letters.

After the subject, comes the main body where the textual part is written. The textual part starts with a proper salutation providing greetings to the reader. The body of the letter can be divided into 3 parts. The first part is the introduction where the purpose for drafting the letter is written. The second paragraph consists of elaborate description of the event for which the invitation has been made. Day timing and venue of the occasion is mentioned in this section. The letter ends in the third paragraph and the writer must thank the reader for reading the letter. The writer must also be hopeful of seeing the reader in the occasion and it will be a matter of great joy and pleasure for the writer to share the auspicious moment in the reader's presence. After completion of the third paragraph the writer must put his signature at the left hand side of the letter.

The writing of the invitation letter is better if the writer uses the below mentioned rules and techniques. The tips and guidelines mentioned below will surely help the writers in framing a letter of invitation more efficiently.

Tips for writing better invitation letters

  • Following the format properly is of core importance as it is the format that makes the letter systematic and organized.
  • The letter must be primarily written for invitation purpose. Although in personal invitation letters, there is a scope for writing irrelevant information but it is advised to stick to the actual purpose. Official invitation must contain only relevant matters associated with the invitation and occasion.
  • Writers must not exceed the length of the letter and try to keep the letter short and brief. A lengthily written letter is boring and catches the attention of the few.
  • Personal letters of invitation must be personalized and should be written more personally touching the emotional cord of the reader. On the other hand official invitation letters must be written on an official tone.
  • The letter must be written using simple text that is easy for the reader to read and understand.
  • The letter must possess a happy tone and the writer must show how much happiness the presence of the reader on that auspicious moment will bring to the writer.
  • Time, venue, date of occasion, dress code, and other specifications must be correctly mentioned in the letter.
  • The writer must proof read the letter before drafting it to the recipient.

The above mentioned tips and information on how to write a invitation letter will surely provide enough access to writers for writing a proper invitation letter for inviting the near and dear ones for an official occasion or a personal ceremony.

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