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Leave letters are official letters written to provide information or seek permission on a temporary leave taken for a period of time by an employee working in an office, students in schools, colleges and universities, or any person involved in an activity on a regular basis. It is particularly written to let the organisation or the firm in which the person is working, know of the reason behind the absence of the person.

Writing of leave letters depends on two situations. The first situation is of a leave letter written and sent to the required person before the leave is being taken. Such kind of leave letters gives prior information of a future leave that will be taken by an employee to the higher authorities of the firm. The second case is of a leave that has already been taken by the employee due to the arising of some emergency situations and is asking for the permission to consider the leave.

Writers must know how to construct a leave letter properly so that the letter is accepted and leave is granted. In both the above cases leave has to be granted, so the leave letter must be written in a requesting and polite tone. People who are in a dilemma or do not possess enough knowledge on how to construct a proper leave letter may follow certain rules and guidelines to construct and appropriate leave letter.

Leave Letter Format

Employees writing a leave letter may possess some difficulty in constructing it. Official leave letters must be written using the proper format. Writers can get leave application samples online and can get ideas about framing a leave letter appropriately. Format is important as it gives the letter its proper structure. Writers writing a leave application letter must follow the standard official letter writing format.

According to the generic official letter format the writers will have to write their address and the recipient address on the top left-hand side of the document respectively separated by the date. After that a subject must be provided describing in one line about the reason for drafting the letter. Then the writer must greet the recipient properly and then start with the main body of the letter.

The main body can be sub divided into 3 paragraphs, first being an introduction where he introduces himself to the reader and writes the purpose of the letter. In the second paragraph the writer can give a detailed description about the reason behind his leave and mentions the date from which he will be on leave and the joining date. In the third paragraph the writers must conclude the letter showing gratitude towards the reader.

Below given are certain tips and rules which one must follow if they are looking to construct a better leave letter for the purpose of taking a leave or a leave that has already been taken from their work.

Tips for writing better leave letters:

  • Writers must write the letter in proper official language. The letter must not sound casual and informal.
  • Addressing the letter to the write person is important. The writer must write the addresses properly stating his and the recipient's designation in the office.
  • Proper description of the leave is important. The writer must put in front a genuine reason for his absence so as to get approval
  • It must be written carefully stating the dates of absence and date of joining
  • The letter must sound polite and follow the required protocol
  • The letter must be kept short and brief with no unnecessary details
  • Using a proper format is important as it improves the readability of the letter
  • Proof reading the letter before drafting it helps to eliminate any unintentional errors

The tips and information provided above will surely help applicants in writing better leave letters for official purposes that will surely be accepted and approved by the reader.

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