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Legal Action Letter

There are conditions when a firm, whether government or private, needs to write a legal letter to its clients in order to solve one or more issues. These letters can be of different types. One can be written in order to inform the addressee in an attempt to solve the matter with the help of communication, and the other to warn them for legal action. When the communication fails, a letter threatening to sue the concerned person/organization is sent. Such letters should contain all the necessary details that are related to the case. The whole case should be summarized and mentioned in the legal action letter. Also, mention the date and time extension, which you are giving the other party. Mention clearly that if the action is not taken within X number of days, then legal action will be taken against the case. Make them understand that, if they do not reply back within these many days, then you do not have any other option other than taking legal action. A legal action letter gives you a chance to inform and warn the other party, even in case of small claims. You need to be precise and clear in such letters, and mention everything in detail.

Legal Action Letter Tips

Following are some tips that will help you write a good legal action letter:

  • A legal action letter should be addressed to a particular person, and it should not be generic in tone
  • Do not use 'Dear Sir/Madam' or 'Whomsoever it may concern', rather mention the name of the person
  • It should be brief, but clear, and all the essential points should be mentioned that makes the case clear
  • Mention in short the details of that particular case
  • Mention the date up to which he/she should get back to you
  • Warn the other party, but do not threaten him/her; follow a warning tone, but not a threatening tone

Legal Action Letter Samples

The samples of the legal action letters will help you to know the format as well as the content of such letters. You can go through the sample given below which will help you to know all about a legal action letter:

Date: 21st September, 2011

Jason Miller
12/112 Blue Street
Axle Buiding
Utah - 21167

Dear Mr. Michael,


This letter is being sent to you as a warning by the Kimi Bank, as all the previous communication between us seemed to have failed. Despite of several notices, regarding the dues of your loan, we have not received any response from you.

We have reminded you many times in a year's time about the dues that you need to pay to the bank. Consider this as the last and final warning to pay the dues. If the dues are not cleared in the next 21 days, then a legal action will be taken against you.

So, in order to avoid any such legal actions get in touch with us, as soon as possible. You can get back to us for any queries on the given contact number.

Yours sincerely,

Kimi Bank Ltd.
(Authorized Signatory)

The samples and tips given above can be of great help to you when you write a legal action letter. You can go through the tips as well as the samples, which will give you a better idea about legal action cover letters. Hope the samples and tips of the legal action letter given above will help you in your future letter writing. Also, you can refer to Legal Guardian Letter and Legal Representation Letter for more sample letters.

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