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Legal Engagement Letter

Arnold Smith
42 Cartwright Crescent,
St George,
Bedford BD12 7GM
Date: 1st March, 2010

John Brennan
91 Douthways Road,
Hills Barton,
Surrey SR14 40C

[Sub: Letter of engagement for legal services]

Dear Mr. Arnold,

We hereby declare that from now we are going to provide our legal services while representing and counseling you as per your requirement. Legal Services Ltd. will be acting as your legal advisor henceforth. We expect our fee before we sign the legal contract. Our fess is known to you. You will be liable to pay an hourly fee for our services with the first 10 hours covered by your retainer fee. However, in case of extra hours of work, Our Legal Services Ltd. will charge you accordingly.

Our legal work will be drafting legal documents, discuss with clients, any legal analysis, cases at court, and more as and when required. In case our legal representative works less than 10 hours as per the requirement, you will be refunded the balance amount from the retainer fee.



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