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An organization or business, means meetings on a regular basis will be quite a normal scene in the office. Every organization, big or small, comes up with new plans, works on different projects, plans processes, goals, etc. All this is not done by one single person. There are meetings at different levels in the organization. Right from the higher level to the lower level employees in the organization, each employee is part of some or the other meeting. In a professional organization, there is a proper procedure and planning before every meeting. Not only the agenda of the meeting, but also how the information about the meeting would be conveyed to the participants of the meeting, depends on who are invited to the meeting. If it is a meeting between the supervisor and laborers, you cannot expect the supervisor to send out letters to every laborer, and inform about the meeting. However, in case of higher-level meetings like team leads, management, department heads, client meetings, etc., a proper meeting letter is written, and addressed to the concerned person.

What is a meeting letter?

A meeting letter is used to invite someone for a meeting, or to convey some other information related to the meeting, to the participants of the meeting. There are different types of meetings, and every meeting has a set purpose, which is determined by the agenda of the meeting. The different types of meetings in an organization are -

Standing Meeting:

A regular activity conducted to keep a check on the activities in relation to the goals of the organization.

Topical Meeting:

A meeting organized to discuss one particular subject.


A well planned meeting, with a proper agenda and presentations, and each participant of the meeting contributing to the meeting.

Emergency meeting:

A meeting summoned to discuss some very urgent issue.

The agenda of the meeting and the type of meeting thus decides the complexity of the meeting and the participants of the meeting. A one-on-one discussion between two department heads, and the members of that particular department would be summoned by sending a generic email saying 'a one-on-one discussion' begins on ______(date & time), come as per your convenience within the given time frame.

The Managing Director's (MD) meeting with different department heads on the other hand will be very formal and so would be the invite for it. The secretary of the MD would thus draft a meeting letter to summon the people the MD wants to meet in the meeting.

The letter drafted by the secretary would contain the following details:

  1. Date and name of the person summoning the meeting
  2. Name of the person and the concerned department who has been summoned
  3. Subject line stating the purpose of the letter
  4. A brief letter giving the details of the meeting venue, time and agenda
  5. A detailed agenda enclosed with the letter if the MD wants
  6. A circular which the reader would sign and confirm receiving of the letter

Not only inviting for the meeting, but there are many other meeting letters, such as -

Cancellation of meeting letter -

To inform the invitees that the meeting has been cancelled

Follow up letter after meeting -

To get feedback on the meeting or communicate the conclusion of the meeting

Postponed meeting letter -

To inform the invitees that the meeting has been postponed

These are some of the letters related to organizational meetings. Every letter is written in a formal letter format, with a very clear purpose in mind. The letter should communicate exactly what it aims to with the reader in mind, and since it is a formal letter, it has to be precise. If there are some details that need to be conveyed to the reader, it should be sent in the form of attachments or enclosures; for example - the agenda of the meeting could be as long as a page so that it can be enclosed with the letter.

In this section of sample letters on resume cover letter examples, we would discuss different types of meeting letters, and learn how to write these letters by reading sample letters for the same in the links given below. These letters are written considering different situations, and thus would prove helpful to you, if you need to write one.

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