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Memo letters are used to communicate with a large number of employees in a particular firm or business association. Writer can write and send memo letters to all the employees or a group of employees to whom he/she wants to convey some important massage.

Memo letters may also refer to business or official letters on a broader scale. There are many different ways and formats to write memo letters and it totally depends on the condition and situation for which the letter is to be written. The writer should follow the official guidelines while writing the letter. As memo letters are similar to business letters that should possess an official tone. It should not sound casual and there should be no use of informal or colloquial text.

The writer should use appropriate words language while writing the letter. As it is written for a large number of people it should be able to convey the thoughts of the writer clearly. The very purpose of writing a memo letter is to convey an official massage to the employees and workers in the company. Therefore it should be crisp and to the point. The writer should not write about any irrelevant topic in the memo letter. The letter should be straight forward and to the point.

Below are some important points one should remember while writing a memo letter.

  • Writer should provide a headline for the memo that consists of four sections which includes To, From, Date and Subject and should be written on the left hand side of the page or document.
  • Addressing the letter to the write people who should be concerned is essential.
  • Greetings can be omitted so as to make the letter crisp and straightforward.
  • The details and reason behind the writing of the letter must be clearly conveyed.
  • A conclusion paragraph is a must that provides with recommendations and suggestions.

Below is a sample Memo letter which writers can refer to while writing a memo letter.

Sample Memo Letter

All Staff of MXM Technology
222 East E Street. Mid Howard Sector
Manhattan, New York (2344 234)
Contact details: 2384 4834 / 2832 39829
Date: 2/20/2012

Julian Davidson
Human Resource Manager
MXM Technology
222 East E Street, Mid Howard Sector
Manhattan, New York (2344 234)
All Staff of MXM Technology

Subject: selection of Mark Collins as project manager.

On seeing the complexity of the of the situation of the Miami Team in client service department we have made a crucial decision to make Mark Collins as project manager for the team. This change will be implemented from next week. The present team that Mark Collins is handling will be looked after by Lena Garner.

This is a temporary adjustment and once things are on track, changes will be made as per requirement. Till then Mark Collins will be looking after the Miami sector. If anyone has any issue please feel free to discuss.

Thanking you,

Julian Davidson


We hope that the above memo letter will definitely help writers in writing the best Memo letters that will be properly addressed to all and help in proper official communication.

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