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Offer letters are official letters written by a company when an applicant or an interviewee who has applied for a vacant post in the firm is appointed to work for the post. The letter provides important details about the post and throws light on the various terms and conditions that the applicant needs to follow. Some of the important information that an offer letter provides are mentioned below.

  • Mentioning the designation for which the applicant is appointed in the firm
  • Salary provision and statistics
  • General rules and regulations like dress code, working hours and timings, etc
  • Basic information about the firm and its working
  • Information and responsibilities involved in the post
  • Appraisals and promotion

An offer letter is usually written by a person in a firm who is into recruitments like a recruiter or a human resource official. Writing an offer letter is easy and the writers will just have to know the proper format and writing technique for writing the letter. He should also be aware of all the above mentioned points that he will have to write accurately in the letter such that there remains no confusion in the head of the applicant regarding the position as well as the firm.

An offer letter is an official letter and must be written in the appropriate format such that it looks professional and appropriate. A writer can take help from the internet if he is facing difficulty in framing an offer letter. Internet is filled with websites that provide samples and important tips on how to construct an offer letter. Writers can take help form such websites and the samples provided in them for writing an appropriate offer letter.

Format of an offer letter

As per the standard official letter writing format the most appropriate way to start an offer letter is by first writing the addresses of the sender and the recipient on the top of the letter document. The writer must first write the address of the firm along with his post and designation and then provide the date in a separate line. After the date the writer must write the name and address of the recipient of the letter that is the applicant. The addresses and dates must be aligned to the left of the document.

After writing the address section, the writer must write a subject. The subject is a line that describes the purpose of the letter. It must be short and the writer must write in a single sentence the purpose behind the drafting of the letter. After writing the subject the writer must put a space of one line and then start with the body of the letter.

The main body of the letter must start with a proper salutation and beginning with a 'Dear' or 'Respected' and ending with the surname will suffice. The salutation must always end with a comma. After the salutation the writer must begin with the main body of the letter which is the textual part. The textual part can be subdivided into 3 paragraphs consisting of the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

In the introduction part, the writer must provide an introduction of him and write about the purpose for which the letter is written. The second paragraph will talk about all the details regarding the post, basically the norms and the rules. The third paragraph will lead to the end of the textual part. Signature must be provided at the end of the textual part with the designation of the writer in the firm.

Does and don'ts while writing an official offer letter

There are some important rules that must be followed while writing an offer letter to applicants who have been assigned for a specific position in the firm. Below given are the tips that must be followed.

  • The offer letter must follow an official tone and should be written professionally.
  • The letter must possess all the necessary information that the applicant must be enlightened about before joining the firm.
  • The letter must brief and short and should not be lengthy.
  • The letter must be written in easy words that are easily understandable and interpretable by the reader.
  • The letter must not possess any unnecessary details that is not related to the post or is of minor importance.
  • It should sound straight forward as well as it should not be dull and boring. A job offer is a matter of great happiness for the applicants so the letter announcing it must be written in a congratulatory tone.

Writers following the above mentioned tips and format style can easily furnish an offer letter that will surely serve the purpose.

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