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There are different types of promotion letters written for various purposes and occasions. Promotion letters are basically written for the purpose of promotion of an employee in a firm. Apart from that there are also sales and business promotion letters. Below given are the types of promotion letters which are written for fulfilling various purposes.

Types of promotion letters

  • Declaring Employee Promotion Letter: A declaring employee promotion letter is a type of letter in which, a promotion letter is written and sent to an employee in a firm declaring his promotion because of his good performance and conduct. The letter is commonly written by a member of the firm responsible for promotions, human resource manager, a person at managerial post, boss of the employee, etc.
  • Request for Promotion Letter: A request for promotion letter is written by an employee of a firm to his boss or manager of the firm requesting for his promotion because of the superior performance he delivered in the work field.
  • Recommendation Promotion Letter: A recommendation promotion letter is written by someone when he/she recommends for a third person's promotion to the firm he/she is working for.
  • Product Promotion Letters: Product promotion letters are business letters written for the promotion of a product or a service. Product promotion letters are written to clients and customers promoting a product which is used as a marketing strategy for the better sales of the product.

Job promotion letters must be written appropriately with proper language and tone so as to convey the message appropriately to the reader. A request for promotion letter is a very elegant way to ask for a promotion and is very similar to a recommendation letter. But unlike a recommendation letter, in request for promotion letter the writer will have to recommend themselves for promotion.

A writer writing a declaration of promotion letter to his employee must write the letter in a very happy tone. As promotions are a matter of immense joy and pleasure in the life of an employee, it must be written in a manner that brings joy and delight to the person promoted. The letter must possess a very positive tone and it should state that the company has realized the amount of hard work delivered by the employee and is expecting more of quality work in the future.

An employee writing a request for promotion letter must focus on the basic facts and figures that will help the reader in understanding and judging on the promotion of the employee. The employee must explain their credibility and profitability for the company in a modest way and explain how a promotion will provide him with more encouragement and will improve his performance. The letter must not sound forceful and vigorous, and should possess a very appealing and persuasive tone. Below given are some tips and suggestions that will help writers in writing better promotion letters for the purpose of getting the desired promotion.

Tips for writing a promotion letter:

  • The writer should first determine which type of promotion letter he wishes to write. He should search accordingly on the internet and gain more information on the format and writing style of the letter. The writers can also get samples on the net from which they can have a better understanding of the writing techniques involved in constructing a better promotion letter.
  • Writers must select a proper format for writing their promotion letter.
  • Writers must their address and the address of the recipient in the beginning of the letter separated by a date. The addresses must be aligned to the left side of the letter.
  • The body of the letters consists of three parts or paragraphs that include the introduction paragraph which throws light on the purpose of the letter. In the second paragraph the writer must describe more about the reason behind writing the letter and the third paragraph is a conclusive one where writer thanks the reader for considering reading his letter.
  • In a request for promotion letter the writer must write the letter in a persuasive and polite tone.
  • Both employee and sales promotion letter must possess an official tone and should be written in a formal manner as they are completely written for official purposes.
  • Promotional letters of any kind must not be lengthy and should not possess irrelevant details and information that are not related to the basic purpose behind drafting the letter.
  • Although sales promotion and product promotion letters are also business letters and should be written in an official tone the writer must make the letter as persuasive as possible and promote their products appropriately so as to increase sales.
  • The writer must proof read the promotion letters several times before sending it to the write person.

We hope that the above tips and information provided on promotion letters will surely help writers in writing better promotion letters that will surely serve the purpose.

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