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Proposal letters are letters that are written for the purpose of proposing something to the reader. It is a letter that is written to convince the reader to do something. Nowadays different types of proposal letters are written depending upon the purpose of proposal. A proposal letter can also be referred to as a business letter as most of the times it is written for the purpose of business proposal. Except business proposal letter, other proposal letters include project proposal letter, purchase and sale of products and services proposal letters, etc.

A proposal letter must be very carefully written as it involves acceptance of a specific proposal by the reader proposed by the writer. As proposal letters are business letters they must be written formally and not casually. Informal words and phrases must be avoided and proper language must be used in the letter. The proposal in the proposal letter must have a requesting tone and not an enforcing one. The letter must be addressed properly to the correct person who is capable of taking the right decision.

The letter can be constructed by starting with an introduction where the writer could write about himself and the reason for sending the letter. In the body the writer must write more about the proposal discussing about the benefits associated with the acceptance of the proposal. The writer should then end the proposal letter with an appropriate conclusion paragraph.

Below is a sample of a proposal letter which will help writers in writing a proper proposal letter that will be appreciated and accepted by the reader.

Sample Proposal Letter

William Harper
Marketing Executive
Pole Star Cooling Solutions
23rd Floor, Henry William Tower, Colonel Square
San Francisco, California


Hennery Ford
Williamson's Company
Williamson's Building, Blue Square
San Francisco, California

Dear Mr. Williamson

I am writing this letter in order to propose to you a scope for getting the best cooling solutions for your whole office and save more than 50% on the electricity and related costs.

We at Pole Star Cooling Solutions provide the best in air cooling and conditioning for private and official premises. Pole Star Cooling Solutions is one of the largest air conditioning companies that has provided its facilities and services to many giant companies and firms and has worked with a large number of corporate firms of the contemporary world. We provide the best in air conditioning products with easy installation and efficient operating that provides clean and healthy air for your office premises. We are also well-known for our after sale services and maintenance work that we provide after installation.

I am sending you a customer manual along with this letter so that you can have a better understanding of our services and facilities. I hope and look forward to hear from you soon.

Thanking you for the time and consideration.

Yours faithfully

William Harper


We hope that the above sample of proposal letter will definitely help writers in writing suitable proposal letters that will be appreciated and accepted by all.

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