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A recommendation letter is written recommending or suggesting something helpful to the person who can utilize the suggestion for his own benefit. There are different types of recommendation letters like personal, friendly, official, business, etc. In friendly or personal recommendation letters, the writer recommends something in a personal tone to the reader.

Types of recommendation letters

Broadly speaking, recommendation letters can be divided into the following types:

  • Personal recommendation letter: A perfect example of personal recommendation letter is a father writing a letter to his daughter recommending which college to adopt for study after completion of high school.
  • Friendly recommendation letter: Friendly recommendation letters are written among friends. An example of friendly recommendation letter could be a person writing to his friend recommending the best places to go during summer vacation. Friendly recommendation letters must be more expressive and written in a manner showing the emotional bonding between the writer and the recipient. Personal or friendly recommendation letters can be written in official cases too but it is recommended to keep the tone of the letter professional.
  • Official recommendation letter: Professional or official recommendation letters are written for recommending something officially to the reader. Official recommendation letters are written using a formal tone. An example of official recommendation letter is an employee writing a letter to his boss recommending a tender to approve a particular project. Another example of official recommendation letter may be an employee recommendation letter where an employee recommends the firm for hiring his referred applicant.
  • Business recommendation letter: Business recommendation letters are written for business purposes. An example of business recommendation letter can be a letter written to a client or customer recommending a product or service that will be helpful for the client. Business recommendation letters are also written when someone proposes a plan of partnership to another person recommending the benefits for the tie-up. There are different types of formats available for writing a recommendation letter. Applicants must select a proper format as per and write the letter accordingly. Applicants who are following difficulties in writing may follow the tips provided below for creating an improved recommendation letter that will surely solve the purpose. Tips for writing a recommendation letter:
  • Applicants should first conduct some online research about the format and writing style of the letter. There are recommendation letter samples available on the internet which applicants can look out for.
  • Applicants should follow a proper format while writing the letter to make it look organised and systematic.
  • A majority of letters follow a similar type of format style in which the letters start with the address of the writer followed by the date in between and then the address of the recipient.
  • The body of the letter can be divided into 3 parts or paragraphs. The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph where the writer writes the sole purpose for the writing of the letter. The second paragraph gives a better description and enlightens the reader more about the purpose of the letter. In case of recommendation letters the writers must provide a detailed description of the recommendation proposed in the second paragraph. The third paragraph is conclusive and the writer must thank the reader for reading the letter.
  • Recommendation letters must always be written in a positive tone so as to persuade the reader about accepting and approving the recommendation made.
  • The suggestion or proposal made in the recommendation letter should not sound forceful, vigorous or dominating or else the reader may reject the recommendation laid by the writer.
  • The letter must not be lengthy and should be written to the point.
  • Applicants must not write the letter in difficult language and it should be easy to read hence facilitating better interpretation.
  • After the letter writing is complete, applicants should always proof read the letter for spelling and grammatical errors.

By following the above mentioned tips applicants can surely write a better recommendation letter that sounds elegant and persuasive and will definitely serve the purpose.

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