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A letter of reference in the corporate world is used for professional requirements to get the valuable feedback from the referred person, so as to support one's credentials. Reference letters are similar to recommendation letters when it comes to the purpose they are written for. If you observe closely, you will note that both the letters are mostly used by job seekers, to support their candidacy claim.

The only major difference between reference letters and recommendation letters is that while the former is addressed to an unknown person, the latter is written to a specific person and on prior request only. For the same reason, reference letters have the header 'To whom so ever it may concern' written in clear bold letters.

A well written reference letter can enhance a candidate's selection chances significantly, and thus holds a lot of importance. Due care should be taken to ensure that it conveys the desired message in true sense, and should not sound exaggerating. Reference letters can also be written for business recommendations, and other such purposes, where encouraging words from a trusted source can be helpful in establishing relations or contracts.

Here you will find different types of reference letters samples, each written for different purpose. Note that, the list of reference letters examples given below is only illustrative and not exhaustive. However, you can always refer to these samples, to draft any type of reference letter. All reference letters have a similar layout with slight variations, depending upon the industrial trends and organizational requirements. Once you have finalized on the sample reference letter, you would adhere to, the tips given below can help you in making it more influential and professional.

Tips for writing reference letters

  • Keep the letter short and simple.
  • Use professionally acceptable language.
  • Maintain a uniform flow throughout the letter.
  • Share all information in a systematic way, starting with a brief introduction, followed by professional narration of the individual/organization seeking reference, and finally a reinstating conclusion.
  • Be specific and relevant, and do not exaggerate; as it may put the individual in uncomfortable situations later. It can also affect your organization's credibility.
  • Always write the letter on a plain paper, with the organization logo on top.
  • The letter should be duly signed by a designated authority, to maintain the legitimacy of the document.
  • Remember to share contact details in case the addressee wants to reconfirm or verify the details.

These guidelines can be incorporated in any of the samples of reference letters, with appropriate alterations. In case you don't find a suitable layout or example of reference letter you are looking for, you can refer to the reference letter template given below, and then include the above given guidelines to draft professional and inciting reference letters.

Reference letter template

Sender's Name
Sender's Designation
Complete official Address
(Street, city, state, zip code)
Telephone and Email

Date: DD/MM/YYYY (format)

To whom so ever it may concern

(If you know the person to whom the letter is addressed, you can replace the above heading with recipient's contact details)

Addressee's Name (including prefix, if any)
Recipient's address
(Street, city, state, zip code)
Telephone and Email

Dear Sir/ Madam/ Second Name (if known),

The first paragraph should explain about how you are related to the candidate, and for how long in a concise manner. Example: This is on request of Mr. Adrian Donald; I confirm that he is known to me for the past 3 years. He has been working as a 'Sales Manager' with our firm since .

During these 3 years, I have found him as a reliable person, with leadership skills. He is a knowledgeable professional, and an integral part of any team. His skill-sets make him a vital asset for any organization. We would always be willing to take him back if he wishes to, and would never want him to leave the organization, but for his personal choice and decision.

His ability to achieve organizational goals consistently can help any organization achieve its vision. If you need any further information or wish to verify any details, you can always contact me at the above mentioned details.



Sender's Name
Sender's Designation

The reference letter template given above can be adhered to, for writing any type letter of reference, whether personal or business.

Depending upon the intended purpose, you can make considerable changes in the reference letters samples given below, and draft your own personalized letter of reference. The guidelines for writing an impressive letter can make these reference letters examples even more inciting, and help your referred candidate win the job.

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