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Request letters are effective and formal letters to put forward your request on varying matters to the concerned authority in a professionally acceptable way. Though many organizations have pre-established procedures to place the request, a request letter can always be used as an accompanying document to clearly convey the desired response.

Request letters can be written for different subjects such as admission, information, transfer, donation, financial assistance, appointment, recommendation, pay raise etc. Depending upon the requirement, you can refer to any of these, to write an impressive request letter. Always remember that, all request letters should always be professional and polite. The language should be carefully worded so as the desired message is conveyed in the true sense. Request letters can be written for both personal and business related issues, as evident from the list of request letters samples given below. Note that, the given list is only illustrative and not exhaustive.

For better customization of these request letters examples, you can adhere to the guidelines given in the later part of this page. Prior to that, the request letter template will help you in better implementation of the guidelines and understanding of the samples of request letters. You can directly add the relevant information in the template request letter, without any need to refer to any examples of request letters, to draft an influential letter of request.

Request Letter Template

Your/ Sender's Name
Designation (if writing for official purpose)
Complete address (Street/lane/road, city, state, postal code)
Telephone number
Email address (optional)
Date: DD/MM/YYYY format (preferably)

Recipient's name
Designation (if writing for official purpose)
Complete address (Street/lane/road, city, state, postal code)
Telephone number
Email address (optional)

Sub: request for ***** (further details) (Note: subject to be included if written for official propose)

Dear Sir/ madam/ Second name/ designation,

(Introductory paragraph)

It is with reference to your advertisement in the daily paper 'XYZ Times' seeking volunteer services for disabled; I would like to express my sincere desire to be part of your team and serve the community.

(Main paragraph - Context of letter)

I am writing this letter to request you for detailed information on the above mentioned program, before I submit my final application, so as I can contribute in the most effective way. I would like to have information on the following parameters:

  • Duration
  • Minimum qualification
  • Accreditation of organization
  • Other specifications, if any

(Concluding paragraph)

I am sure, with my skill-sets and dedication; I can be an effective member of your team. Looking forward to be a part of your team, and deliver my services to help the organization achieve its goal.

Thanking you for the time, and waiting for a favorable reply.


Your/Sender's Name
Designation (if writing for official purpose)

The request letter template needs to be filled in with adequate relevant information, to transverse into an impressive letter of request.

For further assistance, the following guidelines can be referred and incorporated in the samples of request letters given below.

Guidelines to be followed while writing request letters:

  1. Select a suitable format depending upon the professional nature of the letter
  2. Use a comprehensible language which is simple and polite
  3. Follow a systematic approach, always begin with appropriate introduction
  4. Give due care while selecting salutations and greeting messages
  5. Always express gratification for the request, to sound more humble and proficient
  6. Keep the letter concise and precise
  7. Revise your letter thoroughly to check for any unwanted errors
  8. If sending my email, you may use digital signature; and begin the letter directly from the salutation and onwards
  9. For official letters, use of appropriate stationary is recommended such as plain paper with the organization logo, to maintain the legitimacy of the letter

These guidelines, request letter template and examples of request letter; together will provide you with all the necessary information needed to write effective request letters, which can generate the desired response from the recipient and get your request fulfilled. We hope you find the information useful.

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