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If you are planning to end your contract or term with an organization prematurely, well drafted resignation letters can be the best way to communicate the same to the organization in a professional way. Resignation letters act as last formal communication with the organization. As this is the last time you can exhibit your professionalism and leave the organization with a positive impression, a letter of resignation should be drafted with due care, and highest standards of professionalism.

Resignation letters are the formal communication of one's desire to end the engagement with the organization, and are kept in official records. Irrespective of the position you work in the organization, a resignation letter has the same format with a slight variation in the content, depending upon the individual writing the letter.

One many have to leave an organization intermittently for many reasons, some may be favorable and some may not; but resignation letters should always be written in a positive language. This has many associated advantages such as: it saves your path of re-engagement with the same organization, helps you to retain strategically important relations, and gives you opportunity to seek references for future opportunities. A positively written resignation letter also safeguards your future endeavors in situations which may require you to work under, or with the employees from the previous organization.

This page contains different resignation letters samples, and necessary considerations to be taken care of to write impressive letters of resignation. There are different types of resignation letters depending upon the person writing it, and his/her profession. For a specific type of resignation letter, you can refer to the list of samples given below. To customize these examples of resignation letters to meet your requirements, the following guidelines can be helpful.

Guidelines for Writing Resignation Letters:

  1. Keep the letter simple and concise. All information conveyed should be precise.
  2. Do not confuse between resignation letter and farewell letter. A letter of resignation letter is a predecessor to the farewell letter, and only when approved is that you should write a farewell letter.
  3. Select a suitable format at par with the practices prevailing in the industry, and professional standards.
  4. Give all necessary details such as your name, designation, joining date, actual resignation period, and other relevant information as suitable.
  5. Avoid confusing with the names of the concerned people. This is your last chance to cast a positive impression.
  6. Do not exhibit your dissatisfaction with the organization in your letter, even if you are.
  7. Expression of gratification is a nice way to maintain cordial relations even after resignation.
  8. Revise your letter for any errors, to avoid casting a bad impression at the last moment.

These guidelines for writing the letter can be more effective if incorporated in the resignation letter template given below. You can directly add the necessary details in the template to quickly draft professional resignation letters.

Resignation letter template

(Your contact details)

Address (complete address with street, town/city, state and postal code)
Telephone and email

Date: dd/ mm/ yyyy (format)

Recipient's name
Company name
Address (complete address with street, town/city, state and postal code)
Telephone and email

Sub: Letter of resignation

Dear Second Name (preferably)/ sir/ madam/ designation,

It is after due thought and consideration, I have decided to end my engagement with as a prematurely, with effect from including 30 days of notice period starting . Please consider this letter as a formal intimation of my resignation.

I am thankful to you for providing me the opportunity to be part of your esteemed organization, and develop my skill-sets along with gaining valuable professional experience. Being a part of your team, I have many pleasant memories to be cherished for a life time. Under your guidance and constant support, I have grown as a professional.

If you need any further information, please let me know. I would also like to request you to inform me of work requirements during the notice period.

With regards,




The above given resignation letter template can be made more impressive by including your personal ideas, to convey the desired message. If you need any further assistance on specific types of resignation letters, you can refer to the resignation letter examples given below.

We hope you find the information useful in writing a professional resignation letter.

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