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Sales letters, as the name suggests are written to promote sales or any sales related activity which can help you earn more revenue. Irrespective of the business, all commercial sales letters are written to target the prospective customers, and grab their attention to your products and services. This empathizes on the need to write striking letters of sales, which can incite the probable customer to consider and accept your sales proposal

You can find many sales letters samples available on the web for free, or on chargeable basis, all having similar sales letters format and content, varying only when it comes to different types of sales. However, to customize them to meet your requirements, following tips on writing inciting sales letters can be helpful. For better implementation of these tips, you can also refer to the sales letter template given in the subsequent part.

Tips for writing sales letters

  • A sales letter should contain all the relevant information to promote the sales of the discussed product or service
  • Highest standards of professionalism in the language and layout should be adhered to while writing a letter of sales
  • Follow a layout which is at par with your organization standards and trends prevailing in the industry
  • Keep the letter concise, do not go overboard with describing your products that it may sound boring
  • Remember that a sales letter is only an introductory letter for the deal, and so it should be written in a precise manner, sharing only vital information
  • Appropriate selection should be made while selecting the salutation
  • Depending upon whether you are writing the letter on behalf of the organization or as an individual, you must include the subject title for the letter for the former situation
  • Before finalizing the draft, always cross check for any errors
  • If you are enclosing any other information brochures or sales document, do mention the same in the enclosures part, at the end of letter, written in the same order as enclosed
  • Remember to give your complete contact details, in case the client wants to get more information
  • Make suitable changes in the letter, depending upon the mode of mailing you choose

Once you have understood these guidelines for writing sales letters, you can incorporate them in the sales letter template given below, for effective drafting of your own personalized letter of sales.

Sales letter template (To be written on suitable stationary with official letter head)

Your/ Sender's contact details

(Organization Name)
(Telephone and Email)
(Website - optional)

Date: DD/ MM/ YYYY

Recipient's Contact Details

(Organization Name)
(Telephone and Email)

Sub: ************** (Example: Accounting services sales letter)

Dear Mr. / Ms. Second Name or Designation,


Please refer to your advertisement posted on the finance solutions website '' seeking the services of 'xxxxxxxx' (example: Accounts auditor); I would like to introduce my firm 'ABC Incorporation', and propose our services to meet your requirements.

(Main Body - Promoting your deal)

We are MNC Accredited, 2001 established company, and have been providing our accounting services to many renowned organizations for the past 10 years. After going through your requirements as described in the advertisement, we are pleased to inform you that we have some of the best services which can effectively meet your requirements and help your organization achieve its goals. We also provide many other assistive services, which can be helpful for your organization over the long run.

We have identified the following services for meeting your initial requirements, which can be expanded further for including other requirements as and when required.

  1. Auditing services
  2. Financial planning
  3. Investment planning
  4. Asset management


I would appreciate, if given an opportunity to discuss in person with you and find out the best of ways in which our expertise can help you meet your goals. Please find enclosed the information brochures for any additional information. You can also contact me on the above given details, for any further clarification.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.



(Organization Name)

Enclosures: Information broachers

From the above given template and tips for writing the sales letters, you can get all the relevant information to write any kinds of sales letters. The template can be used as a rough draft for your letter, and later transformed into final sales letter after making appropriate changes.

We hope you find the information beneficial in writing inciting sales letters.

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