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Santa Claus letters, whether written by a child or an adult, are always filled with emotions and have pleasant feelings associated with them. One gets delighted on reading the letters to Santa Claus written especially by children. Writing Santa Claus letters is very common on the festive occasion of Christmas, and is very common in western parts of the globe, especially North America.

Though the trend of writing Santa Claus letters had initiated among the Christian community of North American states, it has gripped the entire global population in a very short duration, and now has become a common practice among the children all over the globe. A Santa Claus letter can be a personal message from a child to Santa or from Santa to the child as well. In both the cases, it contains personal messages and shares a bond of love.

There are many organizations which have taken up the cause and have set special departments/units to take care of the abundant number of Santa Claus letters written by the kids. These units are responsible to reply to these letters, and maintain the faith in Santa Claus. Some organizations even go to the extent of distributing gifts and fulfilling the wishes mentioned in the letters. These units even send individuals dressed as Santa Claus to spread the love and keep the faith alive, thereby continuing the tradition.

Parents can help their kids write good Santa Claus letters, which can convey their messages in true sense. As these letters contain personal messages, care should be taken that the emotions attached are duly conveyed. You can refer to different samples of Santa Claus letters given below to draft an inciting Santa Claus letter for your kid on this Christmas. You can also fill in the required details in the Santa Claus letter template, given in the subsequent part to quickly draft the letter for your kid.

However, before you decide to write the letter, the following suggestions will help you in effective customization of these Santa Claus letters samples and the template.

Considerations for writing Santa Claus letters

  1. Use simple language
  2. Include pictures, different colors etc. to make the letter more attractive
  3. You may spell the words as called by your kid to make the letter more interesting
  4. As these are personal letters there is no set standard format, so do not adhere to strict guidelines for writing this letter
  5. Tell your kid about how to write legibly, as Santa Claus letters can easily grab their attention
  6. Talk about the gifts your kid wishes for, in the letter
  7. Encourage your child to be truthful while writing the letter
  8. You can even reply to the letter written by your child, to encourage him write letters next time, personally
  9. You can use Santa Claus letters as a tool to help your kid set personal goals and encourage him to achieve the same

These guidelines and your personal creative ideas along with the fun filled suggestions from the child can make your letter even more interesting.

The Santa Claus cover letter template will help you further, in making a quick draft of the letter which you can give to your kid to fill in necessary details personally, but under your guidance and supervision.

Santa Claus letter template

(Sender's Address)

Child Name (Nick name too can be used)
Address details
(House no., lane/street, city, state, zip code, telephone number)

Date: 24th December, 2011

(Santa Claus's or Recipient's address)

Santa Claus
North Pole

Dear Santa,

I am very happy that the Christmas time has come one again. It has been a long time that I have written a letter to you. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. I am sure you must be busy yet again and travelling in your sleigh to meet all the children.

I would request you to please stop by my house too. I have prepared cookies and bought chocolates for you. I have even kept my promise made to you last year, and did my entire home work on time. I would like you to give me my favorite car this time as prize.

Again for this Christmas, I want to keep the same promise. I really love you a lot and your beard. I love to see your reindeers pull the sleigh with the jingling bell sound.

I wish you a very merry Christmas again.

With lots of love, hugs and kisses

Yours' lovingly,


Name (Nick name)

This template can be suitably modified to create impressive Santa Claus letters.

We hope with the given guidelines and the template, you can write inciting Santa Claus letters for your child, and make this Christmas a memorable experience for the entire family.

Please check on different Santa Claus letters examples, given below for more information.

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