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If you are finding the answer of question "how to write a sponsorship letter?" Don't worry, we will provide you all necessary information in this issue. We are providing some sample sponsorship letters below that will help you in modifying your own sponsorship letter.

Sponsorship letter is kind of marketing letter. So your approach should be polite and well-mannered as possible. If you are writing a letter on the behalf of your company, start the letter by specifying your company name.

Give the complete details of the company and if it is on your behalf give details about yourself. State the reason of the event. Explain each and every thing clearly that you expect the reader to do for you. Giving details will make it easier for the company to decide whether they should sponsor or not.

The letter should be of a request like "we would be grateful if you sponsor our event." Assure the reader that relationship with the company will not be affected, even if there is a refusal of sponsorship. Also thank him for the time and consideration.

Sponsorship Letter Format

(Sender's Name)
(Sender's Address)
(City, State, Zip code)

(Recipient's Name)
(Recipient's Title/Position)
(Recipient's Address)
(City, State, Zip code)

Dear (Recipient's Name)

I, (sender's name) is writing this letter to you on behalf of the AFRC Funds. This main objective of this institution is to create the awareness among the people scarcity of basic necessities and raise the funds that would provide drinking water to the people. We are creating awareness with the help of stage shows, which gives social message.

On 29th October 2010, AFRC Funds is planning to hold a stage show. For this purpose we will require a huge amount of expenditure for sound equipments, resting lights, organizing costumes, marketing expenses etc. any economic help for this will be valued.

I thank you for thinking on our request. If you have any doubts and question relating to this issues you can contact me on (mention phone number).

Yours Sincerely,

(Sender's Name)
(Sender Title)

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