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Tax letters can be written for various tax related issues such as correction, donation, exemption, revision, refund, return, planning etc. All the tax letters written on these issues can be written by an individual or an organization, and involve a formal approach in both cases.

This section of our website contains different examples of tax letters, which can be referred to for writing impressive letters. Depending upon the purpose for which the letter is written, adequate changes should be made in the relevant sample tax letter, so as it best meets the needs of the person drafting it. For drafting a tax letter quickly, the help of below given tax letter template too can be taken. It only requires the necessary details to be filled in, and the letter is ready.

The necessary tips given below will be helpful in better personalization of the given tax letters samples. These guidelines are designed to help concentrate on specific areas, so as the final tax letter draft is professional, and precise. The given information can be used on a generic basis for writing any formal letter as well, with the only change being in the subject matter. Though the tax concerns arise only at the time when the end of the financial year approaches, it is always advisable to keep the letters drafted in advance with necessary computations ready, to prevent last minute rush and subsequent errors.

The tax letters can be used as cover letters for specific types of tax submissions or queries as well.

Tax letter template

(Sender's Address)

(Note: designation and company name to be included if the letter is written on behalf of the organization)
Postal Address
(Include all details such as site, lane or street, city, state, and zip code)
Telephone numbers
Email id

Date: Day/ Month/ Year


(Recipient's Address)

Tax office/ department/ consultancy name
(Note: designation and company name to be included if the letter is written on behalf of the organization)
Postal Address
(Include all details such as site, lane or street, city, state, and zip code)
Telephone numbers
Email id

Subject: < (e.g. tax return filing)>

Dear Sir/ Madam/ Second name,

I am writing this letter with reference to < e.g. your final intimation in the daily paper 'Economic News' dated 2nd November, 2011>; regarding < e.g. revised dates for final submission of tax returns>.

I would like to file my tax returns, and please find enclosed the duly filled in tax return form. I really appreciate your department's initiative to extend the deadline, as it has greatly benefited individuals like me who were not able to file the returns earlier.

In case you need any further information, please contact me on the above given details. I would be pleased to give a prompt reply. Thanking you once again.



(Note: designation and company name to be included if the letter is written on behalf of the organization

Enclosure (if any): < e.g. Tax Return form (Filled) >

The above given template for tax letter can help you in drafting any type of letter concerning tax related issues. In order to make the best use of the template, tax letter samples and the given information, the following guidelines can be of additional help.

Guidelines for writing tax return letters

  • Always write the letter in a precise and concise manner. Remember that there are many individuals or organizations writing such letters and all are addressed to the same tax department.
  • Give all relevant and important information such as invoice number, reference codes, if any; payment details, date and department etc.
  • If you are using the tax letter as a cover letter, ensure that you mention about the enclosed document, and give relevant details as well.
  • Time your letter appropriately so that it reaches the destination on or before time.
  • Cross check for any errors, especially the figures or numbers quoted.
  • Some departments or organizations have a set format, follow the same. Alternatively, you can use a formal layout.
  • If you are not comfortable with the professional language; services of an accounting or tax professional/ consultant/ consultancy are always an available option.
  • Use appropriate salutation at par with the trends and professional standards.
  • Keep the letter simple.
  • Follow a systematic information flow. Always begin with a brief introduction, and end with appropriate conclusion.

These guidelines will help you in writing a tax letter which generates the desired results by conveying the intended message in a professional and appropriate manner.

For more information on specific types of tax letters, you can refer to the tax letters examples given below.

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