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Termination letters, as the name suggests are written to bring an existing agreement or contract to an abrupt end. It is used as the last resort to solve the existing controversial issues, even after repeated trials to resolve them. A letter of termination is commonly used in the business world as a mode of formal communication to inform the other party about the severance. It can be written to an employee or even a partner organization, if the engagement between the two can no longer be continued.

Any termination letter should be written with due care, and given high importance as it is a legal document, and any error in the draft can have negative consequences as well. Termination letters whenever written for whatever reason, should always sound justifying and clarify the cause of termination adequately. Some important details which should be included in the termination letter are date, cause of termination, measures taken to resolve the issue prior to termination, appropriate alternate measures which can be taken post termination, and any other strategically important information.

This section contains different termination letters samples, which can be referred to for drafting an effective letter. You can also refer to the termination letter template in case you want to draft a quick letter, and don't have the time to browse the web for searching for samples of termination letters. You just need to fill in the required details in the appropriate blank/space, and your letter would be ready.

While referring to these termination letters examples, ensure that you adhere to the given guidelines for effective customization. The resulting letter would be relevant and best suited to your requirements. However, you should not sound very harsh in the letter, and the best way to avoid doing so is by wishing the addressee 'best wishes' for the future, and not using accusatory language. You can also make the letter sound convincing by explaining the cause in a comprehensive but concise manner. For better understanding, read the guidelines given below.

Guidelines for writing termination letters

  1. Use polite language, even if the engagement is going to end

  2. The letter should be informative but concise. All necessary details justifying the termination should be included, such as earlier warnings or discussions, formalities to be completed, compensations settlement details etc.

  3. Highest standards of professionalism should be adhered to while designing the letter, such as formal layout and the language used

  4. Maintain the legitimacy of the document. Write the letter on official stationary only, i.e. original company paper with letter head

  5. Maintain balance between the professional and personal self

  6. Give due care while selecting the salutation

  7. Take care that the letter is precise and the language used is simple

  8. Always adhere to organizational policies and standards while drafting the termination letters

These guidelines for writing termination letters can be made more impactful, if included in the template given below.

Termination letter template

(Terminating Organization's contact details)

Sender's Name
Name of Company
Postal Address (Site, Town/ City, State, Zip Code)
Telephone numbers
Email id (optional but preferable)

Date: DD/ MM/ YYYY

(Terminated individual's/ organization's contact details)

Recipient's Name
Company Name
Postal Address (Site, Town/ City, State, Zip Code)
Telephone numbers
Email id (optional but preferable)

Subject: Termination of Service/ Contract/ Engagement (Optional, depending upon the type of letter)

Dear Second Name/ Sir/ Madam,

This is with reference to our previous letter, ref. no. W1/03/2011 and subsequent discussion with your HOD (Head of department) Mr. XYZ; we are disappointed to inform you that your employment contract with our organization is terminated hence forth.

This is after repeated warnings (verbal and written); we have observed that there is no change in your performance and on-job behavior. There have been repeated complaints against you, and it is in due interest of all, your contract has been terminated. You are requested to meet the concerned HOD and clear all dues at the earliest. Please find enclosed the copy of compensation settlement form, which you need to fill in and hand over to the accounts department. The subsequent necessary formalities would be completed at the earliest. Your services would no longer be required by us with effect from .

We wish you a bright and successful career ahead.




Sender's Name
Name of Company

Enclosure: Compensation settlement form

Cc to:

  1. HOD
  2. Accounts department

The termination letter template and the necessary guidelines should give you all the necessary information to write a remarkable termination letter.

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