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Facilities Manager Cover Letter

Facilities Manager cover letter explains the hiring organization about your universal technical specifications and certain kinds of modulation competencies that you possess. However, the facilities manager job is to serve as a delegate or representative in planning and developing facilities as well as monitor the annual budgets. The facilities manager cover letter is to be personalized as per the position you are applying for. Your cover letter should appeal as well as act as a catalyst for the hiring company.

Tips for Facilities Manager Cover Letter: Usually, the facilities manager job is to keep a check on utilities and communication, space management, improving business efficiency, etc. Therefore, the cover letter should summarize your details explicitly. The basic tips for facilities manager cover letter is as follows:

  • The facilities manager cover letter should include addressee details
  • Have a better knowledge about the organization you are applying for
  • The cover letter should be written in a formal and subtle tone projecting your skills without sounding over confident
  • Highlight your most pertinent and accomplished achievements along with your experience
  • Lay emphasis on a personal interview or meeting
  • Signature on your cover letter

Facilities Manager Cover Letter for Fresher: The format of a fresher facilities manager cover letter is as follows:

Preston Burke
Western Crossway Apartment
St. Ambrose's Town, Block - L, Lane 50,
New Jersey
Contact Number - (222) 011 777


Mark Baldwin
Simpson's Group
Allen Broadway Street, 64 Dennis Lane,
New Jersey

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

Re: Application for facilities manager position

It is with great hope that I apply for the position of facilities manager at Simpson's Group. I came across the advertisement in the Daily News on 22/06/2011.

I am a student of Xavier's College and have recently post-graduated in Statistical Analysis as well as earned a Certification in Managerial Skills. Being a fresher to this field, I would appreciate it if you consider me for the facilities manager position.

My educational skills are an ideal match for your well-conventional firm. Working under the guidance of your organization will strengthen and improve my technical acquaintance, which will in turn work as an asset to your company.

Therefore, if you think that I am a suitable candidate for this position, I would request you to kindly contact me on the provided email address or phone number as per your convenience.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely


Preston Burke


  • Resume
  • Additional Certificates
  • Reference Letter
  • Copies of Address Proof
  • Copies of Identity proof

I am sure that the above sample cover letter for fresher facilities manager would prove useful to you in drafting your own cover letter. You can follow this format by replacing it with your details.

Cover Letter for Experienced Electrician: The cover letter format for experienced facilities manager is as follows:

George Torris
Bensons Brownstone Society,
Skyline Avenue, Lane - 44, Apartment # 571
New York
Contact Number - (323) 000 9999


Margaret Grey
Brandon's Group
St. Peter's Highway, Mark Avenue Street, Lane - 46,
New York

Dear Miss. Margaret Grey,

Re: Application for facilities manager post

I hereby apply for the post of facilities manager in Brandon's Group. I came across the notice posted on 25th June 2011 on the New York University notice board of the Facilities department.

I have earned Grade III Certificate in Property and management, Diploma in Co-ordinate Statistics Analysis as well as post graduation in Design and Program Software. However, currently I am looking for a job in the industry in New York, but eventually I can travel all around the U.S.A. Moreover, I hold a three years experience in this field and I am capable of managing the assigned responsibilities, scheduled training sessions, promoting and evaluating services to the customers. I am sure that my resume will impress you. So kindly consider my application for this position.

Please contact me at any time you feel like on the above mentioned phone number or email address, as per your convenience. Thanking you.

Faithfully Yours,


George Torris


  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Award Certificates
  4. Experience Certificates
  5. Identity Proof
  6. Address Proof
  7. Acting Specialized Course Certificate
  8. Educational Certificates

Hope this format of cover letter for experienced facilities manager will facilitate you in getting the position you have applied for. Also, you can refer to Example of Branch Manager Cover Letter and Example of Brand Manager Cover Letter for more letter samples.

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