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IT Manager Cover Letter Example

IT Manager cover letter is written by any IT manager. He or she is a person who is well acquainted with degrees related to information technology. The degrees which these people hold would be anything from computer science, technical engineer, computer engineer, etc. A person who has applied for the post of an IT Manager has to have a hands-on knowledge about the recent technical advancements. He or she should be able to use the technical skills whenever required, with minimum chances for any errors. Being an IT Manager does not mean that the person should concentrate only on the technical aspects of the job. As a manager, the person has to handle subordinates, and a team of people. Therefore, they have to show efficiency in people management skills too.

Not all candidates are able to afford higher degrees of technical education. There are some of them who are only diploma holders. Such people can try applying for jobs in smaller companies. Bigger companies generally look for professionals who possess higher degrees in technical areas. Particularly for freshers, who want to start their careers as IT Managers, they can choose the positions of Assistant Managers or Trainee Manager. This can give them the required platform to develop experience and gain more knowledge.

The IT Managers also have to handle responsibilities like sending emails to customers, looking after troubleshooting details, networking problems and other customer related queries too.

The role of the IT Manager differs according to the company, and the kind of work that it does. Depending on the capacity of the Manager, a proportionate sized team is offered to them.

Given below are samples of cover letters, one drafted by an experienced and the other drafted by a fresher.

Let us take a look at the one drafted by a fresher:

Mr. Burt Fisher
35, Brassy lane,
IL 00232 555
Email id:
Mobile No.: 55532 223214

Mr. Grant Acker
Sky Technical Experts Ltd.
A4, Tibbs House,
Grass wood Avenue,
KY 0023 2231

Dear Mr. Acker,

It gives me immense pleasure to apply for the opening of a Junior IT manager in your company on the website, I have always wished to begin my career in your company itself. I am well aware of the growth opportunities that your company offers, and can provide you with a list of references that are still present in the company.

I am a Graduate in Computer Science from Lincoln College of Engineering and wish to pursue my studies further. I have acquired specialization in Java and have voluntarily worked on some projects which have been implemented by the companies.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity, and am awaiting your reply. I have attached my resume for all the other details. I am grateful to you for spending enough time on the cover letter and the resume.

Kindly let me know about your consideration about this.


Mr. Burt Fisher

Enclosure: Resume

Now mentioned below is a cover letter drafted by an experienced person:

Thomas K Eden,
32 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-7998.
08th September 2011

Jack Richardson,
Operations Manager,
XYZ Car Dealership,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I saw your advertisement on one of the famous job sites and hence, am writing this letter to you for the position of a Project Manager.

I carry a strong knowledge in technologies, software languages such as oracle, .net others too, and my five years experience in IT as a Junior Level Project Manager makes me an ideal candidate for this position. Please see my resume for your review.

I am hoping for a meeting to be arranged in order to discuss my qualification, experience and skills, please contact me at above telephone number or e-mail me on

Thank you for reading my letter and resume.



Thomas K Eden.

Enclosure Resume

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