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Property Manager Cover Letter

A Property manager cover letter is required when you are sending your resume for job opening of a property manager with any organization. Writing a cover letter for your resume is important to grasp the attention of probable employers. In the competitive world we are living in, there is intense competition for any sort of job openings. This greatly increases the number of applicants, and employers find it tedious to go through all the resumes. An impressive property manager cover letter for your resume will help you in gathering the focus of employers on to your resume.

A property manager cover letter is ideally suited for the candidates who have prolonged experience. By virtue of their experience, their resumes are lengthy, and need time for detailed review. Under such circumstances, a cover letter can help the employer save his time and efforts by just going through your cover letter. At times, a carefully drafted property manager cover letter helps in overcoming the shortcomings of your resume as well.

With so many advantages associated with an impressive cover letter, it is advisable that you always send your resume along with a cover letter. While writing a property manager cover letter, the suggestions recommended below can be helpful in making your cover letter striking and remarkable.

Suggestions for a Property Manager Cover Letter:

  1. Always follow the universally accepted format. It may vary slightly depending upon the mode of mailing. If sending through an email, you may commence your letter directly with salutation. If mailing by post, then a detailed format should be used as shown below in the sample property manager cover letter.

  2. Be cautious with the language used. The cover letter should be as professional as you. You may use the services of commercial writers if not aware of the format or the language (English).

  3. Salutations used should be carefully chosen. If you are not aware about the gender of the person at the other end, you may use the combination of salutations, or address the letter to the designation/department directly.

  4. Avoid any sort of errors. This is the first and last thing you don't want to commit.

  5. Do mention about any references, if you are referring to. Don't take it for granted that the employer knows everything.

  6. The cover letter should be a synopsis of your resume. So, unforgettably mention fundamental details of eligibility for selection and employment. It should include details such as: total experience, educational qualification, reference (if any), and your work status, if applying for an international position.

  7. Appropriate closing lines are always of great assistance in marketing your candidature. You may mention about skills, which make you an ideal candidate, suitable for the position.

  8. Keep your letter simple and precise. Do not make it lengthy. All the details furnished should be relevant to the prime purpose of promoting your candidature for the job opening.

  9. Lastly, before you conclude, ensure that you have mentioned about the enclosed resume.

The following tips if adhered to in the true sense, will make the cover letter for the property manager position more attractive. You may wish to use your creative ideas, but ensure that letter does not lose its professionalism.

Sample property manager cover letter

Jonathan Hilton
47 Pines Ridge
Mount Vert, NY

27th August, 2010

HR Manager,
XXX Company,
Mount Vert, NY

Subject: Application for Property Manager

Dear HR Manager or second name of the person,

This is with regards to your listing in employment daily "Job Search" for the week 18-26 August, 2010; that I would like to give my candidature for the post of Property manager. Please find my resume enclosed along with.

I have 5 years of experience working as Property Manager with leading companies in the sector. As part of my job, I have successfully handled a team of 60-80 people, and worked in various aspects of property management. I have diversified experience of managing various properties in sectors such as commercial, real estate and residential complexes.

As part of my job requirements, I have successfully supervised various departments such as accounts, operations and maintenance, and human resource. All through my working career, I have established cordial relations with reputed organizations, which help in delivering the best of my performance.

I am sure you will find my resume testimony to my claims. Looking forward to meeting you in person and discuss the job.


Jonathan Hilton

The above given sample property manager cover letter will be helpful in drafting an appropriate cover letter for your resume. Also, you can refer to Example of Facilities Manager Cover Letter and Example of General Manager Cover Letter for more sample letters.

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