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Purchasing Manager Cover Letter

A purchasing manager cover letter along with the resume, while applying for the post of purchase manager, makes a complementary pair. A Purchase manager is a very reputed position in any organization. A purchase manager is the face of an organization to its dealers, who help in smooth operations of the company. Employers look for well organized and competent individuals for such positions. To portray these qualities, a resume alone is not enough.

To be efficient at the workplace, a purchase manager should have qualities like good communication skills, hospitality etiquettes, diplomatic, persuasive skills and many more. These qualities are however difficult to convey through a resume. In such cases, an efficiently written purchase manager cover letter comes in handy. The cover letter gives you the opportunity to show your skills through the language used while drafting the cover letter.

A purchase manager cover letter can also be used for casting an outstanding first impression on probable employers. A cover letter is written with the purpose of introducing your candidature to the employer, and persuading him to view your resume, and calling for further interview. If efficiently formulated, your cover letter diverts the attention of employer to your resume from other resumes. It can influence the employer to the extent that the initial impression cast may prevail until the outcome of final selection process.

Given below is a sample purchase manager cover letter, which can be referred to while formulating the cover letter for your resume.

Purchase manager cover letter (Sample)

William Frederick
21 Bay View Road,
Marquette Town
Michigan, US

Date: August 29, 2009

Director Procurement
ABC Company Inc.,
West Ford Street,

Dear Mr. /Ms. (Second name)

This is with reference to advertisement in the daily newspaper "Townsville News" dated 28th August, 2009; that I present my candidature for the post of 'Purchase Manager'. I have attached my resume along with, for your consideration. You will note that I have relevant experience of 3 years, working in the similar managerial role with reputed organizations. I also have a Masters Degree in Logistics Management from Central University of Michigan.

I have all the required qualifications for the desired candidate profile. In my 3 years of experience, I have made strategic relations with many clients. These can be very helpful for meeting your company requirements. My skills and knowledge sharpened over time and have helped in performing to desired levels and successfully meet organizational objectives. I have managed all purchase related activities successfully in my work career.

I am sure, if given an opportunity, I will be able to help your organization achieve its goals. Looking forward for an opportunity to meet you personally, to discuss the job requirements, and how I may fulfill them.

Thanking you with anticipation for a favorable reply.



William Frederick

The sample letter given above illustrates the need for a carefully drafted purchase manager cover letter. The tips mentioned below can be helpful in writing an impressive cover letter for your resume.

Tips for Purchase Manager Cover Letter:

  • Keep the language of the letter at par with the expected proficiency levels of a purchase manager.

  • The cover letter should be precise. All contexts mentioned should be relevant and supporting to your candidature.

  • The format followed should be as per universal standards. The sample letter given above can be adhered to for further details.

  • Remember to put your signature at the end before mailing it.

  • Thoroughly check for any errors. You don't want to ruin all your efforts by committing simple mistakes.

  • Use appropriate salutation. Be formal.

  • The language used should exhibit professionalism as expected from a purchase manager.

  • The format may vary depending upon the medium of mailing the application. If sending by email, you may begin the letter directly from salutation. The subject however remains the same.

  • Your letter should contain a brief introduction about you and must justify your suitability for the post. In the conclusion, you may express gratitude for time given to your letter and seek opportunity for further interaction.

The above given tips and the sample letter can be helpful in writing a striking purchase manager cover letter, efficient in capturing the attention of employers and guiding it to your resume. This will enhance your chances for a personal interview call, and ultimately the selection. Also, you can review Sample of Facilities Manager Cover Letter and Sample of General Manager Cover Letter for samples of letters.

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