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Marketing Internship Cover Letter

Writing a marketing internship cover letter is not such a big deal and applicants need to prepare an appealing cover letter to apply for the internship course. A marketing internship course is basically a process by which applicants who are in the middle of their college or university study course in marketing get a chance to work with a company and get to learn more about the work process which helps in sharpening their abilities . It is basically a process which helps an applicant to become totally prepared, groomed, and professionally sound as soon as his studies are over. It is specifically helpful for applicants to get jobs easily as soon as applicant's studies are over.

A marketing internship cover letter must display the applicant's interest in the job line and applicants should also mention necessary details about his academic and personal aspects to make the letter look interesting and persuasive. Applicant should always remember that like any internship, the prime reason for marketing internship is to gain experience in professional terms on the academic subjects he/she is currently pursuing in their college or university education. Below is a sample marketing internship cover letter for applicants that will help them in writing the best cover letter for their internship purpose.

Sample of Marketing Internship Cover Letter

Raven Cox
234th New Kingpin Avenue, Bronx
Miami, Florida
Contact no: 234 7477234
Email address:


Mr. Martin Rodriguez
Human Resource Executive
Sync Chrome Software Solutions
29th floor Oxford towers, Adrian Square
Miami, Florida

Dear Mr. Rodriguez

I am sending you this letter for your consideration to allow me work as an intern in your company for a period of 3 to 4 months in the marketing position. I have enclosed my resume and the necessary academic documents that are required for the post.

I am presently engaged in pursuing my MBA in marketing from Miami University and therefore need to complete an internship course so as to complete my course. I am specifically from Oklahoma and did my schooling as a full timer in Oklahoma City. After completing schools I pursued my graduation from Miami University in finance. After my graduation I got enrolled in MBA in Marketing from University of Miami.

By joining your company, I will be able to gain more experience, especially professional experience in the marketing arena. Marketing is very creative and dynamic in nature. I need to have a total insight into the basics of marketing and also need exposure to practical working of the field and that is only possible by joining your firm.

I am very hard working and can provide assurance that on hiring me I would really prove to be a valuable asset for the company. I also possess good presentation and communication skills and am highly proficient with computers.

I am looking forward to meet you in person for a formal interview. So feel free to contact me through telephone or email. Thanking you for considering my resume and letter.

Kind regards
Raven Cox


  • Resume
  • Appreciation letter
  • Academic documents

The above provided sample of marketing cover letter for internship will surely help applicants in writing better cover letters that will be approved by the recruiter. You can refer to Sample of Marketing Administrative Assistant Letter for more cover letters on marketing. Also, if you are looking for internship cover letter for professional courses, then you can refer to Summer Internship Copywriter Cover Letter by making necessary changes.

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