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Medical Technician Cover Letter

Medical field too requires the services of technicians, who are required for operation and maintenance of various medical equipments. A Medical Technician cover letter is required to communicate your technical expertise, along with understandability of medical processes. You can use the cover letter to promote your candidature by highlighting the skill sets mentioned in the resume, and thereby guiding the employer's attention to your resume for further review and consideration.

In this section of our '' website, we have given two Medical Technician cover letter samples, which can be referred to for writing an impressive cover letter for your resume. To make your cover letter more influential, you can customize it befitting to the specific job description given by the employer.

Sample Medical Technician cover letter (experienced)

Thomas Brown
32 N, Young St
Ormond Beach
United States
(386) 673-0489

Dt: 16th September, 2006

Dr. Allan Davis
Technical Head
Riviera Beach Hospital
High St, Candia
New Hampshire
United States

Re: Medical Technician Job Application

Dear Dr. Davis,

My experience as an Emergency Medical Technician with the U.S. Military qualifies me to apply for a job with Office of Senior Medical Technician in your hospital. I have appropriate training, as well as on-the-job expertise, which make me an ideal candidate. I would like to present my resume and highlight the skills sets which justify my selection for the job. Please find enclosed my updated resume for your review and consideration.

I had completed my graduation from Harvard University, with a degree in Emergency Medicine. I also have experience in the Emergency Medicine field in the U.S. Military for the last five years. Working with a team of Military Emergency Medical Technicians, I had the tasks and responsibilities of transporting injured people to the hospital. It also involved on-the-spot administration of emergency care in a variety of situations involving critical patients. Understanding the complexities involved in medical processes for treating grievously injured patients of war, I have comprehensive experience of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and CCU (Critical Care Unit) cases.

Now, after retiring from the active service, I am looking for opportunity to utilize my expertise for the benefit of civilian lives. For the same reason, I am interested in joining your team, and take the responsibility for the same position. Inevitably, a well-trained Emergency Medical Technician is highly needed to the growth and integrity of any Hospital. I believe I am the one who has the desired skill sets, and the experience you are looking for, to deliver quality medical services to your patients.

You may call me or drop a mail for any further clarification, and if you would like to discuss the job in person.

Thank you for considering my candidature and giving me an opportunity to win this job.

Thomas Brown


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Medical Technician cover letter sample (fresher)

Ashley Miller
67 High Ranch Ave
Bonner Ln
United States
(234) 121-9670


Lt. Col. Dan Wilson (Commanding Officer)
Nebraska Base Hospital
Air Force Base
United States

Medical Technician Application


I am writing this letter in reply to your advertisement in the official gazette with reference number EMT/09/2004, for the position of a Medical Technician. I have enclosed my resume for your review.

I have completed my Bachelors degree with specialization in Emergency Medicine from USAF Medical College. I can operate various instruments required in ICU/CCU. I have all the clinical skills sets required for efficient delivery of my job responsibilities. Being a fresher, I am looking for opportunities which can expose me to various challenges where I can implement my skills and knowledge for the benefit of our patients.

Some of my skills sets which make me an ideal candidate are:

  • First Aid administration
  • Clinical sample analysis and report generating
  • Knowledge of diverse applications such as cardiology, radiology, dialysis, ultrasound and emergency medicine
  • Physical fitness at par with military standards
  • Laboratory procedures awareness
  • Other ambulatory services

    These skills combined with my passion to join military services, drive my efforts to exceed the expectations, and be a successful professional.

    I would request you to give an opportunity to meet you and discuss the job, so that my skills could be brought to the best of use.

    Thanking you for your time.

    Ashley Miller


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    The Medical Technician cover letter examples in this section should be aptly modified to establish a balance between you and your desired professionalism. Also, you can view Sample of Chief Security Officer Cover Letters and Sample of Automobile Production Cover Letters for more cover letter samples.

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