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Project Manager Cover Letters

Project manager is a vital post in any organization. A lot depends upon the manager towards the success or failure of any project. Project manager cover letters give you the sought after opportunity to justify your optimality for such a critical position. These cover letters serve as a foundation from where you can market your candidature.

Project manager cover letters are written like any other cover letter, but with emphasis on traits which are ideally suited for a project manager. Even though the prime purpose of any cover letter is to grab the attention of the employers, and then guide it to the resume, it can strategically be used to optimize the chances of final selection. This is possible by highlighting and promoting only those aspects which are critical to the satisfactory performance of the required job responsibilities.

However, care should be taken that when it comes to managerial positions like a project manager; the precautions required while writing the project manager cover letters increases manifolds. This is because a project manager is entrusted with many responsibilities critical to the successful performance of the company. Some qualities particularly looked for in the ideal candidate are as follows: leadership skills, planning, controlling, coordinating, staffing and inevitably effective communication skills. Your cover letter should be able to highlight these attributes in order to be a job winning letter.

Project manager cover letters when accompanied along with your resume; give the applications a comprehensive stance towards presenting your candidacy. There are many minor but significant viewpoints which need to be kept in mind while writing your cover letter. If implemented in a true sense, these criteria can make your letter impressive and striking. You may further include your personal creative ideas to make the letter unique and personalized. However, note that at all times the project manager cover letters should retain their professional image, and still focus on their prime purpose of being drafted.

Guidelines for project manager cover letters

  • Keep the letter short and simple. It should be precise. A lengthy letter may seem cumbersome to employers, and they may just not view it. Your letter should look formal and be professionally acceptable. All vital information should be easily visible and clear.
  • Use a simple language which is not only at par with the proficiency levels of the ideal candidate, but also with that of yours. Do not use intricate language and cast an impression which you may not be able to reinforce at the time of the personal interaction. Convey the message which you can substantiate adequately.
  • For the salutation, be careful with the gender and prefix to name, if any. Use salutation that is professionally acceptable. If you know the second name of the addressee, you may greet him/her with their second name. In case of any uncertainties, sticking to generic greeting messages is safer. The closing lines too should be aptly selected.
  • Subject title of your project manager cover letters should be as asked by the employer. If nothing is mentioned, you may use the title of the post applied as the subject title of your letter.
  • The format chosen may be varied depending upon the mode of mailing. If sending by email, you may begin the letter directly from the salutation. Subject line however still remains the same. Likewise, for signature you may use digital signature in case of email.
  • If you are sending any attachments/enclosures along with, do mention them inevitably at the last.
  • For the content matter, keep a smooth synchronized flow of information. You may begin with a small introduction for the purpose behind writing the letter. Then, you may continue with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and finally conclude with a befitting conclusion, and feelings of gratification. Here USP means all your attributes and qualification (including experience) which supports your optimality for the position, and can converge the outcome in your favor.
  • If you are not versed with an appropriate format and language, you may use the services of professional writers. However, ensure that the message conveyed is yours only, so that you can easily convince the employers during the personal interview.

With all the information given above, you can write job winning cover letter for project manager position.

Below you will find examples of Project Manager position cover letters.

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