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Relocation Cover Letters

Relocation cover letters are letters which are attached in front of the resumes and these indicate the employer that the candidate is ready to change his current location for the job. Relocation cover letters are used to show interest and willingness in city or place change. It should be explaining your current situation, as well as the reason for your relocation.

These days it's getting difficult to look for desirable jobs in the city where you have been living. For better opportunities, you need to move to bigger cities. In bigger cities, there always has to be more of opportunities and more of possibilities, so in case the candidate is ready to relocate, the recruiter finds it very easy and comfortable. Relocation cover letters should be well designed, explaining each and every reason for its existence. The reason for writing the relocation letter should be clearly mentioned. Relocation letters are also used for internal transfers; that is when you want to move to another branch/center of the company, without changing the company. This letter can also be used as an assurance to retain a candidate who wishes to quit the job because s/he is changing location.

There are a few basic facts that are needed to be understood and explained properly in the relocation cover letter:

  • What is the reason for moving or relocating?

    The reason should never be opposing and straight that you are moving or relocating only for the job. It should be mentioned that you are willing to relocate because this place is full of opportunities, and you can have a great career being here.

  • The reason, why the employers should recruit you?

    Now this is the most crucial section, as here you will have to give a brief idea of your skills and qualities. You need to give the employer a sight of your capabilities, and how beneficial you could be for the organization. You need to be explaining every aspect of your qualification, and all the skills you possess. You need to be talking about your personality and your strengths. You should be able to convince the employer that you are a good candidate, who is best suitable for the role applied.

  • Budget for relocation:

    This section should be talking about the financial aspects, when a candidate decides to move from one place to another, there are a lot of other things that are involved in this procedure, all of which requires money. Now for all of it, the candidate needs to decide whether the company needs to pay for it, or if the candidate would manage all the expenses on his/her own. If the candidate needs to incur the expenses involved by the company, then a note should be written by the candidate, explaining the expenses. It should be a small and briefly explained notice.

A sample of a relocation Letter has been attached, it will be of great help for those who are designing these letters for themselves.


Name of the person
Address of the office
Name of the city

Respected Ma'am/ Sir

Write your name and qualification and mention the position you have applied for. This section should be more of an introduction for you.

In the next paragraph, mention your experiences, for how long, and in which organization you have been working, what was your designation there, do mention everything in detail. Explain the reason of relocation and request them to consider you..

Mention how enthusiastic and passionate you are about the job. You will be feeling great if u have an opportunity to work with this organization

Conclude the letter with where you are located, and you will be incurring all the expenses in relocating yourself.

Thanking you.

This is how a relocation cover letter is designed, and it will be very helpful for those who are planning to relocate and start up with a career in a different location. You can also refer the example how to write Change of Address of Nominee to Bank Letter for change of address of Nominee to Bank.

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