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Hospital Social Worker Cover Letter

Many hospitals, in their endeavor to help the poor and needy, have a dedicated department under them conducting various social welfare programs both in-house and out-house. Individuals eager to be part of such charitable missions can apply for suitable openings by sending their resume along with a hospital social worker cover letter, describing their passion.

You can use the sample hospital social worker cover letters given below for assistance, in determining the layout and optimal content for such letters, which can ultimately win you the job.

Hospital social worker cover letter (sample 1)

Gary M. Eden
786, Virginia Lane
United States
(515) 555-7998

Date: 26th June, 2007.

Thomas W. Richardson
Office of Community Services
Trailwood Health Center
557 Trailwood Ln
Georgia, U.S.
(770) 427-7868

Sub: Application for Hospital Social worker

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am writing this letter to inquire about social positions with your hospital. I had come across a recent article about your hospital, mentioning that you are developing new teams to provide health care services for mentally challenged individuals and geriatric patients. I was deeply touched by your social welfare initiative, and it has inspired me to be part of your team. There by I would like to give my candidature for any open relevant position suiting my profile.

I am sure my BSW (bachelor's in social work) qualification will come in handy, to meet your requirements. I also have a strong experience in medical service delivery of various kinds. I am sure this makes me a suitable candidate for any open relevant position. My practice at local welfare organizations has provided me with deep insight about social work and its implications. I also have a good local geographic awareness, which can help me to perform effectively.

I am sure if we meet, we can discuss better alternatives to decide on the best of ways to fulfill the job requirements. Otherwise, I would request you to keep my name in your records for any openings arising in the future.

Looking forward to be a part of your welfare team.



Thomas K Eden.


  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificate
  3. Volunteer service certificates

Hospital social worker cover letter (sample 2)

Alicia Richardson
703 W Housatonic St
United States
(413) 236-5712

August 26, 2007

Peter E. Symond
State Welfare Department
Belton, Texas
United States

Application for Social worker (Hospital)

Dear Mr. Symond,

With reference to your mail received earlier, I am writing this letter, regarding the opening for the post of Welfare Manager with the State Welfare Department. I am interested in applying for the job opening. I have enclosed my resume and a copy of your mail along with, for your scrutiny and consideration.

As you already know that I have worked with the 'Defense Welfare Department (Hospital Care)' earlier, I am sure you will understand the complexity of tasks I had undertaken. I have successfully managed a team of 25-30 social workers with utmost efficiency. As part of my work requirements, I have travelled to various corners of the country, and so my adaptive skills are well developed.

A large part of my prior work was based from the Texas home office, and so I am well aware of the geography of the region; which should be an added advantage in meeting your job requirements. Though I have been working in a defense environment, I do realize the differentiation from the civil lifestyles, and their varying requirements. I am sure with my passion to serve, and dedication to help out every individual in the best of ways possible; I will make your organization reach out to the masses and improve their life. I shall leave no stone unturned to meet your organizational goals.

Looking forward for a favorable reply, and an opportunity to discuss the job with you in person.



Alicia Richardson


  1. Resume
  2. Experience certificates
  3. Welfare award certificate

The above given sample hospital social worker cover letters are illustrative, and should be modified to match individual requirements, and befit the job description. Also, refer to Cover Letter for Medical Social Worker and Cover Letter for Event Coordinator for more samples of cover letter.

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