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Graduate Student Cover Letter

Graduate students, who are writing the cover letter for their job applications are most probably doing so for the first time. For beginners, it may seem a daunting task of writing the cover letter. In this section, we have sample graduate student cover letters for such students to refer to. They can adhere to these sample cover letters for the format and content.

However, it is recommended that while writing or referring to these cover letters, they personalize them appropriately, suiting to their profile. To write an inciting graduate student cover letter, it is always recommended to incorporate necessary changes relevant to the job description detailed by the employers.

Sample Graduate Student Cover Letter

Bryan Rogers
PO Box 421036
San Diego
United States
(858) 571-4869

Date: 31/08/2005

Carlton Wood
Campus Director
Agilent Technologies
Silicon Valley, Santa Carla
United States

Application for suitable opening

Dear Mr. Wood,

I am a fresher and have recently completed my Bachelor's in Computer Science (BCS) from California University, Department of Information and Technology. I am looking for a suitable job opening with your organization, where I can implement my knowledge, and explore the opportunities available. I have enclosed my resume along with the application for your review.

I am a tech savvy person, and passionate about developing my IT skills. I had recently read about your organization, that it supports budding talent, and it is with that desire that I am eager to join your esteemed organization. I am sure, with your encouragement and guidance, I will be able to develop my professional skills and help the organization in meeting its goals.

Though I am an inexperienced candidate, I am sure, with my ability to adapt and learn quickly; I will be able to contribute effectively in meeting the organizational requirements. Being a fresher, I have the advantage of new ideas, which can certainly be developed to benefit the organization.

I would appreciate any opportunity given to meet you in person, and discuss on how my skills and knowledge can be helpful in meeting organizational goals. Looking forward to meeting you, and be part of your team.

Waiting for a favorable reply.

Bryan Rogers


  • Resume

Graduate Student Cover Letter Sample

Carlos Alexander
3348 Tamiami Tri N
United States
(780) 432-4586

Dt: 08/31/2004

Marsha N. Rogers
Recruitment Officer
Leavitt Avenue, Orange City
United States

RE: Application for Technical Assistant

Dear Ms. Rogers,

I am writing this letter as per our tele-conversation regarding the job opening for 'Technical Assistant' with your organization. I have enclosed my updated resume, along with training certificates as asked by you for your scrutiny.

You will note that I had done my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering (BE-Mechanical) from the State Institute of Technical Education. Post my graduation, I have also done 6 months training as a 'Trainee Engineer' with National Engineering Corps. This had given me adequate opportunity to implement my learning and develop the technical skills. I have also bagged awards for technical creativity and project management, as part of educational curriculum.

I am sure my knowledge, coupled with training will be helpful in satisfactorily meeting the job requirements. Under your guidance and motivation, I will be able to learn and perform productively at the earliest. I am sure, working with your organization, I will be able to explore opportunities and grow professionally.

I am a person with outgoing personality, and have taken part in many activities during my graduation. I am sure my leadership and organizational skills will be helpful in delivering my duties effectively. I can assure you that I will be an effective team player, and you will never find me short of dedication for the job. If we meet in person, we can certainly find a suitable solution to address each other's requirements, and together meet organizational goals.

Waiting eagerly for a favorable reply and be part of your team soon.

Carlos Alexander


  1. Resume
  2. Training certificate
  3. Letter of recommendation

While referring to the above given graduate student cover letter examples, ensure that it depicts the same professionalism as portrayed by you. Also, for maximum efficacy, try to address the employer's all queries through your cover letter.

If personalized effectively, and written with proper relevancy, your graduate student cover letter can win you the interview call, and ultimately the desired job. Also, you can review Sample of MBA Student Cover Letter and Sample of Architect Student Cover Letter for more sample cover letters.

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