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Scientist Student Cover Letter

Scientist student cover letters will be helpful for the candidates who wish to join the research unit of an organization, and are passionate about the career as a Scientist. The cover letter gives adequate opportunity to convey the passion and love for scientific explorations. If you are excited by the thought of doing research, and have the patience to try even after many failures, then you have the right aptitude for working as a scientist.

Scientist student cover letter samples given below can be referred by aspiring candidates for assistance in writing impressive cover letters for their job application, and create a positive first impression in the minds of the employers.

Sample Scientist Student Cover Letter

Winfred Diaz
9201, Sepulveda Blvd Apt 31
North Hills
United States
(818) 810-9289

31st August, 2003

George W. Ford
Research coordinator
Allen Organic Company
United States

Sub: 'Junior Research Scientist' Application

Dear Mr. Ford,

I am writing this letter to submit my candidature for the position of Junior Research Scientist with your organization as advertised in the official newsletter, with ref. no. o3/2908/JRS-01. I have enclosed my resume along with other necessary documents, as required.

Through this letter I would like to take the opportunity to introduce my candidature. You will note that I have completed my Master's in Bio-Technology from the 'National University of Science and Technology'. I have also taken part in many research projects conducted by the department throughout the year. This has given me considerable exposure towards various aspects of research experiments. I have personally conducted minor research projects as part of educational curriculum. I am sure, with my knowledge and hands on experience; I will be able to contribute effectively in research works undertaken at your organization.

I am eager to join your organization for the comprehensive exposure I can get while working on various projects covering the entire spectrum of bio-research. Working under your guidance and as part of your team, I am sure my skills and knowledge can be utilized in the best of ways possible. I am looking forward to working with your organization in a performance oriented environment, where I can explore my skills and knowledge.

My ability of critical analysis and logical reasoning will be helpful in finding solutions when faced with obstacles. I can adapt to changes quickly, and perform in varying environments. I am committed towards organizational growth with equal opportunities for personal development.

Looking forward to work with your team and attain together the organizational goals.

Winfred Diaz


  1. Resume
  2. Master' certificate
  3. Project summary report
  4. Reference letter

Scientist Student Cover Letter Sample

Heydrich Simmons
720 NW 135th Street
United States
(877) 355-0821

August 31, 2009

Dr. Harriet M. Diaz
Senior Research Advisor
State Department of Medical Research
Saint Francis St
San Gabriel
California 91775
United States

Application for Research Associate

Dear Dr. Diaz,

As per your discussion with Dr. Zane Graham, Senior Research Consultant in your team; I am forwarding my resume for your perusal. Please find it attached along with other supportive documents.

As you may be already aware that I have 2 years of experience working in the field of research, I would like to share some more details through this letter. My recent research project was with Allen Organic Company, in the field of bio-mechanics for prosthetic limbs. I have considerable experience of working in various aspects of research, such as planning, organizing, controlling and evaluation.

I had completed my Master's in Bio-engineering from the 'Florida Institute of Advance Technology'. I have also taken part as a volunteer in several other research works as well. I am sure, with my in-depth knowledge and expertise, I will be able to perform to your satisfaction, and help achieve research objectives. My analytical and logical reasoning skills can be helpful in evaluating the results and taking corrective measures.

I believe in team work and always try to motivate others. If required, I can effectively work independently and take critical decisive steps. I am sure; together we can make an effective team, and achieve organizational goals. Waiting eagerly for a favorable reply, and be part of your team.

Heydrich Simmons


  1. Resume
  2. Experience letter
  3. Previous project works

While referring to the above given scientist student cover letter examples, to make them more effective and personalized, you can include your personal innovative ideas within the permissible professional standards. Also, you can refer to Example of MBA Student Cover Letter, Example of Architect Student Cover Letter and Example of Graduate Student Cover Letterfor more samples of cover letter.

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