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Elementary Principal Cover Letter

Writing the cover letter for elementary principal requires prioritization of all details depending upon the relevancy. Only then one should mention them in the elementary principal cover letter based on the requirement and importance associated in promoting your candidature. A cover letter for the resume is written to give a befitting introduction, and also highlight the attributes best suited to the desired job profile.

Elementary principal cover letter would be most probably required by someone who had profound experience in the teaching industry. Such a candidate must be having a lot of information to share, but all cannot be accommodated in a cover letter. This requires effective utilization of space available, with maximum returns. The elementary principal cover letter samples given below can be referred to for assistance.

Sample Elementary Principal Cover Letter

Timothy Whitley
129 Wiseland Way
United States
(502) 955-5871

Dt: 05/Sep/2006

Ms. Alison Puckett
Dean California College
San Diego
United States

Application for Elementary principal

Dear Ms. Puckett,

As you may already know, I have been advised by Mr. Abraham Forbes (Principal Senior School, at your college) that there is a requirement for an Elementary Principal in your college. I am writing this letter to apply for the same, and have attached my bio-data along with, for your follow up.

I have 5 years of experience as an Elementary Principal, and all together I have been in the profession for 14 years. I am well aware of the various institution functionality regulations and have successfully delivered my responsibilities as a principal during my tenure. You would note that I have transformed the colleges in to quality institutions recognized for their educational services under my leadership.

I am sure I can repeat the same performance with much better results again. I have always strived hard to ensure that the institutions operate smoothly and the organizational goals are achieved. Over the years, I have developed as a professional, and constantly learned from my experience. I try to lead by example and be a motivational source for my students and team members. I believe in encouraging student involvement in activities both outside and inside the class room, to ensure comprehensive development. For me being in constant touch with students' parents is vital in maintaining a healthy relation with the community, and ensuring that students practice at home the things learnt at school.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you in person and we can discuss on various alternatives, so that my skills, knowledge and experience can be utilized in the best of ways possible. I am sure, I will not disappoint you.

Looking forward to hearing soon from you.

Timothy Whitley

Attachment: Resume

Elementary Principal Cover Letter Sample

Adolfo Boyle
555 Forest Avenue
United States
(207) 781-2002

05th Sep, 2005

Mr. Cheryl Stone
Ballwin Junior College
Brookmont Farm Ct
United States

Subject: Elementary Principal Application

Dear Mr. Stone,

This is with regards to our previous meetings and tele-conversations that I am interested in the opportunity provided. It is with the same purpose that I have enclosed my resume and experience documents, to submit my application for your further follow up.

As you know, I have 5 years of teaching experience with a Master's Degree in Education (M.Ed) from Maine University, with dual specialization in English and Science. Though I am a fresher for the post of a Principal, I can assure you that with my experience, and under your able guidance, I will be able to perform satisfactorily and meet the organizational goals.

I am sure with my enhanced leadership skills, and ability to build cordial relations with colleagues and students, I will be able to make an effective team which can perform to expected levels of quality standards. If required, I can also take classes for the students. I encourage my teachers to lead by example and win the students respect. This will ensure healthy and active class participation. I am sure, if given an opportunity, I can be a valued addition to your college, and make it reach new heights.

Waiting eagerly to discuss the job with you in person, and find ways to utilize my skills effectively for organizational benefits.

Thanking you for your time.

Adolfo Boyle


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  2. M.Ed Certificate
  3. Experience letter

While referring to these elementary principal cover letter examples, they should be customized for effective personalization and relevancy. Also, check cover letter for elementary level teacher.

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