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Physical Education Teacher Cover Letter

A physical education teacher cover letter can be used by aspiring candidates to promote their attributes which they find are likely to enhance their selection chances. While writing the cover letter, it should be taken care that, the desired message is communicated in the true sense as intended so as to yield the desired outcome.

A physical education teacher cover letter should stress on the fact that education alone is not enough for the overall development of the children. Physical development and physical education too plays a crucial role. The physical education teacher cover letter samples given below can be referred to for drafting the cover letter appropriately.

Sample physical education teacher cover letter (experienced)

Adolfo Lee
665 Wellington Dr
United States
(800) 714-4810

07th September, 2010

Jill Jones
Sports Administrator
Murrieta Science College
Murrieta Creek Dr
United States

Sub: Application for Physical Education Teacher

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement in the sports journal 'The Health' for the month of September 2010. I am interested in the job opening and would like to submit my candidature for the post of Physical Education Teacher. I have enclosed my resume and sports qualification certificates along with the application, for your consideration.

I have been working as the Physical education instructor with the Murrieta Sports Academy for the past 5 years. My job involved instructing players and designing a training plan for them. Prior to joining the academy, I had completed my Master's degree in 'Health and Physical Education' from Georgia Sports School' with specialization in 'General Physiotherapy'. I am sure with my knowledge and expertise, I will be able to impart valuable lessons to your students and even design quality training modules for them. I am interested in the new role, and can assure you that I will give my best to help you achieve the institutional goals.

I would appreciate, if given an opportunity to meet you, so that we can discuss the job in detail. This will be helpful in understanding how my skills sets can be utilized in the best of ways possible to benefit the students. My term at the academy had given me ample opportunities to explore and develop my skills, and I am sure they can benefit your students too. Working at the academy, I have been actively involved in various sports activities; and it has helped me keep abreast with various developments in the sports. I am well versed with various exercises, their effects and the equipments used. This would help me in conducting my classes with maximum efficacy.

At the academy, I have consistently tried to motivate the players to strive for excellence, and am sure I can repeat the same. I encourage my students to take part in various events, so that they are well aware of competition levels, and prepare with more vigor. Looking forward to be a part of your team.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.

Adolfo Lee


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Physical education teacher cover letter sample (fresher)

Adam Jones
9051 Strickland Rd
North Carolina-2084
United States
(919) 981-6356


Ms. Alicia Clark
Highland Secondary School
United States

Application for Physical Education Teacher

Dear Ms. Clark,

This is with regards to our tele-conversation; I am submitting my candidature for the post of Physical Education Teacher with your school. I have attached my CV (curriculum Vitae) for your perusal.

You will note that I am a fresher and have recently completed my Bachelor's in Physical Education from the 'N.C State Sports University'. Currently I am looking for an appropriate job with opportunities to explore my skills and knowledge. Understanding the growth age of students, I do recognize the importance of quality physical education for them for a comprehensive development.

I am sure with my new ideas and your guidance; we can successfully raise the quality of education at the school and meet the students' needs. I would request you to give me an opportunity to meet you in person, so that we can discuss the job in detail. I am sure, we can find ways so as my skills and knowledge can be used in best of the ways possible, with opportunities for mutual growth.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Adam Jones

Encl: Resume

The physical education teacher cover letter examples given above should be modified suitable for better relevancy and efficacy. Also, check sample of first grade elementary teacher cover letter to get the job in the field of teaching.

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