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Technical Director Cover Letter

Technical Director is a higher managerial level designation, and so the technical director cover letter too should be written with compatible levels of proficiency, precision, clarity and information flow. Higher the designation, higher is the importance of an accompanying cover letter with the application. This is because for higher designations experience is given more preference than the education, which is presumed to be proportionate with the designation.

The technical director cover letter should be able to reflect the same sense of maturity and understandability as desired in the person of similar caliber. For assistance, you may refer to the sample cover letters given below.

Sample Technical Director Cover Letter

Graham Edwards
300 Long Beach Blvd
United States
(203) 404-4886

Date: 08/09/2009

Isaac Wright
Managing Director
Planning and Management Inc
Hundred Rd
United States

Re: Technical Director Job

Dear Mr. Wright,

As per our tele-conversation, I am interested in taking up the responsibility as a 'Technical Director' with your organization. Further, I have attached my CV (Curriculum Vitae) and past experience documents along with this letter for your follow up, as part of my application for the job post mentioned.

My current term with ABC Company is going to conclude on 30th September, 2009; and thereafter I can join your organization. I am excited about my new endeavor, and awaiting eagerly to face new challenges. I am sure with my learning from the previous experience, I will be able to perform effectively, and help the organization achieve its goals.

The working experience of 10 years has made me an effective leader, and I can successfully lead a team to help it attain its objectives. I am an eminent planner. I can foresee and plan effectively to meet the futuristic requirements. I am sure I will be a motivational source for your employees, and lead by example to guide them properly.

I respect the opportunity given, and will ensure that the dignity of the post is maintained. I strongly prefer to adhere to organizational policies, and only ethical means of work. Being a fun loving person at heart, I strive to bring fun in the work culture. This ensures that the employees' interest is maintained, and they perform effectively. I always reward my employees for their performance to encourage them to work with enhanced productivity.

I am sure; I can perform my duties and responsibilities to the utmost satisfaction levels for the organization benefits. Waiting eagerly to be part of your esteemed organization and attain new heights together.

Thanking you for your time and consideration, and waiting for a favorable reply.

Graham Edwards


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Technical Director Cover Letter Sample

Larry Phillips
14717 W 23rd St
United States
(269) 649-5815

September 08, 2005

Nick Collins
Country Manager
Alpha Solutions Inc
Hilltop Rd
United States

Application for Technical Director Position

Please refer to your mail (copy attached below) regarding the opening for 'Technical Director' with your organization. I would like to thank you for the opportunity provided, and would like to express my willingness to take up the responsibility. I have attached my detailed resume as asked for your further consideration, along with the other supportive documents.

I would like to take this opportunity to support my candidature, and share my qualities which will be beneficial for the organization. I hold an M.Tech (Master's in Technology) Degree in IT (Information Technology) from State Technical University. I have a professional experience of 5 years working in this sector, and have held key roles with various organizations. I am currently working with Gadget-pro IT company as an Operations Manager (Technical Wing). My experience and knowledge will be helpful in delivering my responsibilities satisfactorily as the Technical Director. I am looking for challenging opportunities where I can explore my expertise in the best of ways possible for mutual growth in strive to achieve organizational goals.

My leadership skills and ability to motivate my team members for enhanced productivity can help the organization pursue its mission with maximum efficiency. Looking forward to meeting you, so that we can discuss on how my skills sets can be helpful for the organization.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Larry J. Phillips


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The technical director cover letter examples mentioned in this section can help you write an impressive cover letter for your resume, and cast a positive first impression on the employers. Also, you can refer to how to write Senior Performance Engineer Cover Letter.

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