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Animal Trainer Cover Letter

There has been a surge in the Animal Trainer cover letter demand for reasons owing to competition. This rise in demand of cover letters is because of the important role played by Animal Trainers, who too are in demand a lot in recent times for rising popularity of games involving animals. The services of an Animal Trainer are required by vets, sports organizations, and individual enthusiasts who prefer to keep pets, or trade them for commercial purposes.

In this section we have given Animal Trainer cover letter samples for your quick referral, so that you may focus on the job search and interview process with more intensity.

Sample Animal Trainer Cover Letter (Experienced)

Claude Dobbins
397 Avery Rd
Forest city
North Carolina-5505
United States
(545) 222-5468

Dt: 13/Sep/2002

Dr. Albert Coyle
General Manager
Jones Animal Training Center
Jones Rd
United States

Re: Animal Trainer Job

Dear Dr. Coyle,

I am writing this letter in reply to your job advertisement in the local community paper 'Pet care' for the week 7-12 September, 2002 regarding the availability of an open position for an Animal Trainer. I am interested in the opportunity and would like to submit my application for the same. I have included my resume along with the letter for your perusal.

I have an experience of 3 years providing training and primary health care for pets. I specialize in the rehabilitative training for the pets and sports utility animals. I am a certified animal trainer, and I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science. I have successfully helped many animals in getting accustomed to human voice and touch. My skills and knowledge are helpful in providing rehabilitative care to injured animals, and help them to regain maximum functionality. My experience has imparted me with knowledge to effectively plan the meal composition for the animals, as per their requirements. I am sure my skill sets can be explored further for providing the best of care and training for animals admitted to our company.

I have also trained horses for races and other sports. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor's in Marine Science alongside my work, so that I can also help in training marine animals. I am sure my skills will be helpful to the organization over the long run. I have also provided my services as a volunteer on several occasions, which speaks about my passion for the job.

I am a dedicated, hard working person, and I always try to do my best to help the animals in all the ways possible. My working career has helped me win memberships to animal welfare organizations, and establish strategically important contacts, which can be helpful in crucial moments.

I am sure we can find suitable ways to utilize my skills and knowledge, in the best of ways possible to achieve organizational goals, if we meet in person.

Thanking you.

Claude Dobbins


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Animal Trainer Cover Letter Sample (Fresher)

Dino Malloy
1003 Jefferson Ave
United States
(901) 523-1984


Alfred Dobbins
Memphis Animal Center
United States

Application for Animal Trainer

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with the purpose to inquire and apply for a suitable job opening for the post of an Animal Trainer with your Animal Care Center. I have enclosed my resume for your scrutiny and consideration.

I am a freshly graduated student of Animal Science with a Bachelor's degree. I am currently looking for a suitable job opening in the field of animal training and care, where I could implement my knowledge and develop my skills. I am passionate about the job; I have all the qualities to be a successful professional. I am sure, working under your guidance I will be able to grow as a professional and contribute to organizational growth as well.

Being a native of Memphis, Tennessee; I am aware of the climate and fauna of the State. I understand the behavioral pattern of local habitant animals and so can effectively render my services. I have worked as a volunteer at many camps, and this has given me adequate exposure to various requirements for an Animal Trainer. If given an opportunity, I will be an effective team member. Looking forward to a positive reply and join your team.

Thanking you for your time.

Sincerely, (Signature) Dino Malloy

Attachments: Resume

The Animal Trainer cover letter examples given above will help you in writing an impressive, job winning cover letter. Also, refer to Fitness Trainer Cover Letter and Personal Trainer Cover Letter for more cover letters.

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