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Personal Trainer Cover Letter

A cover letter for Personal Trainer can be written for applying to a job opening with Gymnasiums, Sports training schools, sports players or individual enthusiasts who wish to maintain good personal health. The Personal Trainer cover letter samples given on this page can be referred by aspiring candidates for writing a suitable cover letter for their job application.

A striking cover letter can grab the employer's attention, and help you in transferring his/her attention to your resume and the salient features contained in it. The Personal Trainer cover letter should be written with maximum relevancy to the job description, and must convey the desired levels of professionalism.

Sample Personal Trainer Cover Letter (Experienced)

Alice Thomas
71, 21st Ave
United States
(623) 849-2003

14th September, 2010

Adrian Bailey
Health Gym
51-S Bay-View Complex-B
United States

Sub: Application for Personal Trainer (Female)

Dear Mr. Bailey,

This is with reference to your job advertisement in the local paper 'Info-Times' dated 14th Sep, 2010, for the availability of an open position for a Female Personal Trainer with your organization; I would like to submit my application for the same. I have included my resume along with the letter for your review.

I would like to bring your attention to my skills sets which make me a suitable candidate for the position. I have 3 years of experience working with a local sports academy, and have been conducting training sessions for female athletes there. I am an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) certified Personal Trainer. I also provide volunteer services for certain physical rehabilitation centers (details given in resume) to help their patient's recover and gain maximum functionality.

My skills and knowledge help me understand the individual needs, and design a suitable training program for them. I am flexible in my approach, and can provide training in groups and on individual basis as well. I follow smooth transitional training programs with gradually increasing intensity. Understanding the female physical structure and its complexities; I feel being a female, it provides me an opportunity to give personalized sessions, and establish healthy relations with our clients.

I am well versed with various training modules such as aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises and Yoga. Depending upon the individual requirement, I can provide training sessions for strength, eccentricity, agility and therapeutic recovery. I ensure that my clients are comfortable with all sessions, and adhere to the program for maximum efficacy. I always believe in maintaining cordial relations with the clients, for the benefit of the client and the organization. It ensures that our organization gets renowned in the community and the industry.

I am sure; if we meet together, we can discuss on how my skill sets can be helpful in meeting organizational goals, with opportunities for mutual growth and development. Thanking you for your time, and looking forward to hear a positive reply from you soon.

Alice Thomas


  1. Resume
  2. IAAS certificate
  3. Experience letter

Personal Trainer Cover Letter Sample (Fresher)

Connie Taylor
121 S Kittredge Way
Colorado- 1007
United States
(720) 259-1070

Date: 14th September, 2009

Allen Murphy
Excel Secondary School
12 Ln
United States

Personal Trainer Application

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I am writing this letter in reply to your mail (copy attached along with) for the open post of Personal Trainer at your school. I am interested in the opportunity provided, and would like to submit my candidature for the same. I have enclosed my bio-data and copies of the relevant certificates for your reference and consideration.

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity provided, and express my desire to be an integral part of your team. You will observe that I am a fresher, and have recently completed my certificate course of a Personal Trainer from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). I can assure you that, with my knowledge and skills, I will be able to provide quality training sessions for your students. Acknowledging the importance of physical development at their age, I am sure my skills sets can be utilized in the best of ways possible, to meet the requirements. Together we can ensure that our students not only excel in academics but also in sports, for comprehensive development and growth.

Thanking you for your time.

Connie Taylor


  1. Resume
  2. NASM certificate

The Personal Trainer cover letter examples given in this section should be helpful in writing an impressive cover letter for your application, which can in turn win you the job. Also, you can refer to Animal Trainer Cover Letter and Basketball Coach Cover Letter for more cover letters.

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