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Corporate Pilot Cover Letter

Pilots work for airlines, private jet planes or chartered planes, etc. Working for private firm, is quite preferred than working for an airline by many pilots. They would not trade in their job to work for airlines. However, this totally depends upon the liking of the individual. One such position with relation to flying jobs is Corporate Pilots. These pilots fly aircrafts that are owned by big industrial firms or business houses. They are responsible for the air transport facility for the company's executives - to take them to business conferences across the border, cross- country flights for executives, etc. Here their role is extended than merely flying the aircraft. A brief discussion on the job description of the corporate pilot in the later section would help us discuss, and understand more about the job responsibility of a Corporate Pilot. Any pilot, who wishes to apply for this position, should be ready with his/her resume and a Corporate Pilot cover letter.

The basic rule for writing a cover letter is a thorough understanding of the job profile. One cannot prove his/her eligibility thoroughly, unless one understands what is expected for him in terms of the job, and what he possesses. Reading the brief job description given below would help for the same -


  • Coordination with the Air Traffic Controller, to verify the flight plan
  • Well-acquainted with data and interpretation of data from instruments used in understanding the weather conditions, signals, etc.
  • Daily updating of the aircraft log book based on the journey
  • Calculation, and supervising the loading and fuel requirements of the aircraft
  • In-charge of the maintenance of the aircraft
  • Responsible for pre-flight checks
  • Continuous communication with the Air Traffic Controller during take- off until landing
  • Ensuring the working of all safety systems

A Corporate Pilot has to work in different conditions, schedules, etc. He/she will have to fly any kind of aircraft like a twin-engine plane or a small executive jet. A Corporate Pilot will not have any fixed working hours, as he/she will have to attend to the organization's call. A pilot can earn approximately $200,000 per annum for 80-85 hours of flying. However, this is the highest salary, thus the lower slab would vary with experience and the type of organization one works with. He/she will have to attend a Pilot Training School, and after considerable flying experience in guidance of a chief pilot, he/she is ready to fly an aircraft all alone.

With all this information, anyone eligible to work at this position, can refer to the corporate pilot cover letter given below.

Sample corporate pilot cover letter

David D. Andrews
609 Bernardo Street
Polk City, FL 33868
Phone: 813-260-6997
Email Address:

Date: January 23, 2012

The HR Head
Nina J. Lee
N-Mart Retail Chain
4938 Masonic Hill Road
Little Rock, AR 72211

Dear Ms. Lee,

I am David Andrews, an Airline Pilot, working with Qatar Airways since the past five years. I read the advertisement posted in Job Times, stating the requirement of a Corporate Pilot for your organization, and I wish to apply for the same.

I have a total individual flying experience of 4 years. I have handled different aircrafts, and have flown for different routes. I also have considerable understanding of the climatic data and signals, and can analyze the same to a great extent. With this experience, ability, education, and passion for flying, I have been serving the airlines for quite a long time. I now wish to change the sector, and confront new challenges and experiences.

I have enclosed my resume herewith for complete details on my education and work experience. However, I would request you to consider calling me for an interview to discuss this further.

Looking forward to meet you at the earliest.

Thank you.


David D. Andrews


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The sample corporate pilot cover letter given above is the most simplest way of communicating with your employer, and putting forth your eligibility even before you get a chance to meet him/her in person. Write a similar letter for your next job application, and see the difference. Also, you can refer to Flight Control Manager Cover Letter and Tower Air Traffic Control Cover Letter for more cover letter samples.

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