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Deck Engineer Cover Letter

An aircraft has many parts, and mechanics work simultaneously for effective flying of the aircraft. All these mechanics and parts need maintenance thoroughly, to avoid any hindrances in the flight or avoid any disaster. Thus, a person is specifically employed to assure the proper functioning of all parts of the aircraft. He/she is known as a Deck Engineer. A degree in Aerospace Engineering, and hands one experience on the same, would help one apply for the position of a Deck Engineer, or Aircraft Engineer, with an airlines or private organization. As the name suggests, this person is responsible for effective functioning of all the parts of the aircraft, maintenance and repairing of the same. If you have completed your education and wish to work as a Deck Engineer, or are working as a Deck Engineer, and need a job change, be ready with your updated resume and a deck engineer cover letter, to boost your resume.

Job Description: The job responsibilities of a Deck Engineer are as follows -

  • Maintenance of the aircraft
  • Select the required tools, and fixtures for facilitating the maintenance work
  • Locate problems, and fix the same
  • Lubrication of aircraft parts, checking for perfect functioning of all parts of the aircraft before the departure of flight, etc.
  • Diagnose malfunctions in machines, and fix the same
  • Well-acquainted with tools like drills, lathe, cutting tools, etc.
  • Overlook, and program numerical or computer programs
  • Conduct experiments, test simulated models for feasibility, design, etc.

Education: Aerospace Engineering degree, or and equivalent diploma

Salary: A Deck Engineer, on an average earns around $39,780 per annum or $19.13 per hour.

A fresh candidate usually works under the guidance of a Senior Engineer, and on gaining the required experience, he would be allowed to independently handle or monitor the maintenance and repair of an aircraft.

Another subcategory of Deck Engineers is Cruise Deck Engineer. As the name suggests, this person works on the maintenance and repairs of the cruise.

To send one's application for this post, one can refer to the deck engineer cover letter given below, with reference to the aviation industry. A Cruise Deck Engineer, could refer to the same, and could make changes in the body of the letter as required.

Travis T. Clark
1709 Lindale Avenue
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: 510-572-2555
Email Address:

Date: January 23, 2012

The Recruitment Officer
NY Airlines
Kenneth E. Garland
4666 Cantebury Drive
New York, NY 10013

Dear Ms. Garland,

I am Travis Clark, and this is with reference to the job vacancy for the position of Deck Engineer, advertised in Job Times USA, dated January 22, 2012. I am currently working as a Deck Engineer with Jet Corporate, and am interested in working with NY Airlines.

I have completed a Diploma in Aerospace Engineering, from the Aviation School of Engineering, in the year 2007. Since then I have been working with Jet Corporate. Here I get to attend 4-5 aircrafts, and am responsible for the maintenance of the same. I also give in my suggestion with reference to buying of aircrafts, choppers, charter planes, etc. Working with these machines day and night, have helped me gain an insight into the mechanics of an aircraft, its functioning, operations, etc. I thoroughly understand the mechanism well, and am capable of working on different kinds of aircrafts.

I have been working with this organization for over four years, and I believe that now I should move on, and further use my skills, and abilities to work with a bigger organization. This would give me a chance to work with different types of aircrafts, and on a large scale.

I have enclosed my resume herewith. Please go through the same for further details about my job responsibilities. I request you to call me for an interview, so that we could discuss this opportunity further, and try to accommodate each other's professional requirement. You can reach on my phone number or Email id, as per your convenience.

Looking forward to meet you.

Thank you.


Travis T. Clark

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The sample deck engineer cover letter given above presents the ideal way of communicating one's eligibility for a job position. The job applicant states his eligibility by putting forth a brief account of his current job responsibility and education. Similarly, writing a cover letter for your resume would help you prove your candidature for a said position. Also, refer to Chauffeur Resume Cover Letter and Corporate Pilot Cover Letter for more cover letters.

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