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Tower Air Traffic Control Specialist Cover Letter

A Pilot individually cannot fly a plane. He/she needs continuous assistance and guidance from someone who can see the air traffic, hazards, altitude changes, etc. The Pilot is thus, dependent on the Air Traffic Controller, also known as the Tower Air Traffic Controller, or the Tower Air Traffic Control Specialist, for planning a flight route, schedule, direct the flight while in journey, landing, changes in altitudes of the flight, etc. The person working at this position has to be very sincere, and responsible towards his/her job. Sincerity and responsibility is expected from every employee; however, this person is largely responsible for the safe journey of the flight. The Pilot would follow the instruction of the Traffic Controller, to direct the flight, change the altitude at which it is flying, etc., because this person can see the route maps of other flights, which the pilot won't be able to see. Working at this position requires specific education, training, and involves a whole lot of responsibilities. The same would be discussed in the later sections. Anyone willing to work at this position should have his/her resume, and a tower air traffic control specialist cover letter, ready to apply for the job as and when it comes.

To help you write an effective cover letter, we would first discuss the job responsibilities for the said position.

Job Description:


  • High School Diploma or College Degree or an equivalent course in aviation
  • The person should have studied Physics and Math, along with Climate Study and Interpretation
  • He/she should have good analytical skills, and should be able to interpret the weather conditions

Responsibilities: Continuous communication with the aircraft pilot, and inform him/her on a regular basis about the weather condition, dangers, speed and direction of wind, visibility, altitude from sea level, etc.

  • Monitoring of the aircraft using various instruments like radar, computer equipments, etc.
  • Directing the pilot in terms of direction, landing, takeoff, etc.
  • Announce alerts in case of emergency
  • Communicate with the pilot via radio about the navigation, meteorological conditions, etc.
  • Coordinate and compile other flight plans to ensure safe landing of every flight on the runway
  • Pre-flight briefings like - weather condition information, suggested route, flight safety information, altitudes, etc., are done by the Traffic Controller

Salary: The average salary of an Air Traffic Controller is $110,280 per annum or $53.02 per hour.

The sample tower air traffic controller cover letter given below provides a clear idea of an ideal cover letter for this position. Refer to the same before writing one for your resume.

Sample tower air traffic control specialist cover letter

Anthony E. Cerrato
1175 Heavner Court
Hempstead, NY 11550
Phone: 516-292-5538
Email Address:

Date: January 24, 2012

The Recruitment Officer
Ava G. Flanders
LA Airlines
1292 Norma Lane
Shreveport, LA 71101

Dear Ms. Flanders,

I am Anthony Cerrato, and the advertisement in Job Times, dated January 23, 2012 for the post of a Trainee Tower Air Traffic Controller interested me, and I wish to present my candidature for the same.

I have recently completed my High School Diploma, along with a course in Climatology. Getting this opportunity on completion of my course is an excellent chance for me to put into application all that I have learnt, and work with the experts. LA Airlines is one of the trusted airlines with reference to safety and customer service. Thus, learning and working with the Air Traffic Control department of your airlines, is a great chance for a fresh candidate like me.

I have enclosed my resume herewith for further perusal. I believe that I can convince you of my eligibility for this position, if given a chance to meet you for an interview. I thus, request you to consider my application, and call me for the interview round. I assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Looking forward to meet you at the earliest.

Thank you.


Anthony E. Cerrato


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The sample tower air traffic control specialist cover letter given above is written with reference to a fresh candidate, who has recently completed his education. An experienced candidate, in the second paragraph of the letter, can mention about his/her job role, and responsibilities, giving little heed to educational details. Using this as a reference, write a letter for your resume, and make your job-hunt effective. Also, you can refer to Deck Engineer Cover Letter and Example of Airline Ticketing Agent Cover Letter for more resume cover letter.

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